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Post your trading experiences ( feedback on the seller) with seller "EUGENE888"

1. Feedback on the seller.
2. Date of transaction and phone model.

You may also check my feedback at www.ebay.ph username is easy2deal168


  • Just bought a phone from this guy..very nice and accomodating,not a hassle at all!! Serious phone buyers should definitely give this guy a call or txt him and he'll be the one to call you! unit all orig..thanks eugene! =)

    -August 10 2006 -nokia 6233
  • he's chinese.. definitely u can trust chinese guys. hehe! anyway.. did the first major transaction in ebay with this guy.. bought Sony Ericsson w810i. Was skeptical at first because of the huge price difference.. but true to his word, he gave me a brand new phone.. everything in the box.. gave me a demo at rcbc (he came all the way rcbc just to deliver the package.. at around past 11pm).. basta, no regrets. i love the phone. thanks to this man.. pare, salamat sa discount, sa paghatid, sa patience, sa pagsagot ng lahat ng queries ko, sa pagdemo, sa paghingi ng feedback(hehehe), sa lahat.. i'll definitely buy from you again! so newbies, or first time buyers, i suggest that you transact with this guy.. u wont regret it. GOOD BUY talaga.. oh no pun intended.
  • bought k800i from this guy last july. all i can say that this guy is a great seller! He will demo the phone to you, explain all the feature of the phone and answer take time to answer all your question. hope to do business with u again soon.
  • bought 2 phones from this guy few years ago when I was in college uso pa nun 3315 and 6510 sa buyncell.com pa ata yun....ok kausap tsaka no hassle...
  • ajoyrideajoyride PEx Rookie ⭐
    maniwala kayo jan.tingnan nyo muna join date and kung ilan na napost sa forums ng mga nagcomment bago kayo maniwala!baka sya rin yan!
  • wow galing, lahat ng bumili sa kanya puro newbies! kapanipaniwala.
  • lol. well donE!
  • lol may paganito ganito pa e
  • if you had a bad experience with eugene then post your story here..you don't need to diss the thread just because you are dubious..you can ask one of the mods to check our IP's if they are the same if you want..don't judge us just because we are newbies..you started with zero post as well..

    i admit i was skeptic with eugene at first bec the phones were really cheap and his policy of landline only closed deals is uncommon, but once we closed the transcation and got my phone it was all good..

    i was actually the one to suggest this thread to eugene since i was observing his price thread and no one was posting any feedback on how their transcation went...so i was really taking a risk of buying the phone from him..stuff like setup for hold up was running thru my head but once i asked if he can deliver the phone to my office and he agreed,all my doubts was blown away.....i work in a callcenter in libis so there are alot of people and gurads there ..low risk of hold up and stuff..well that's my story anyway
  • market strategy 'tong thread na 'to hehehhe!
  • ang sama naman nung iba jan...ok po si eugene anyway wla namang namimilit we are just giving our feedback...
  • demi_goddemi_god PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    well, im not a newbie... and i can attest to this guy's credibility...i've bought 2 or 3 phones from him, sa bnc pa and he's a reliable seller.
  • seller eugene888: Astig ng brand new k800 mo dude!!! :P I'm enjoying it now using it as a cellphone, a cybershot camera, a radio, a wireless modem, a game console, an mp3 player, and a storage device.

    I got it from him at ebay last july 17. Good thing the auction's gonna end that day (afternoon) and i called him. Later that night he arrived at my place that night with my baby. Sleek! I got it from him at a super low price as compared to retail shops today.

    Hope to do business with you real soon again. Balita ko bumaba ang bentahan ng k800 mo ulit. Bili kaya ulit ako... hehe!! :rotflmao:

    He's a very good seller! no regrets tlaga... Sana pag nde masyadong busy e magparamdam... ehehe! :lol:
  • BTW, that was my first online transaction at ebay.ph. ehehe!

    Unit: SE k800i
    Price: 30% lower than retail price
    transaction date: 7-17-2006
    transaction start time: 2:00PM
    transaction end time: 11:00PM
    place: my residence at Makati

  • Date of transaction and phone model : August 14,2006 : motorola v3i full

    despite of so much negative testimonials that I read about this seller, (and hesitations na rin on my part) I dialed his number yesterday around 2 in the afternoon. got a good deal and got my new phone around 11 in the evening yesterday!
  • seller: eugene888

    bought a k800i from him! absolutely the best prices of anyone that I've ever dealt with.
  • Date: August 16, 2006
    Model: Nokia N93
    Feedback: He sells the cheapest phones. No scratches, No defects so far. He even deliver it where it is more convenient for you.

    Hindi na siguro ako considered as newbie... BTW I dealt with him few years ago nung buhay pa yung buyncell.com... the unit never had a problem too...
  • bought my new w810i from him. easy to talk to, easy to deal with. no problems. this guy rocks!

    thanks dude!
  • Bought a couple of phones kay huge888 ng BNC or eugene888 ngayon ng PEX, he's really flexible when it comes to delivery sched and place. He helped me din nung masira yung isang phone na nabili ko sa kanya na T68i, tagal na nun ah. Anyways, have dealt with him daming beses na in the past 4 or 5 years ago na and had never had any bad experiences with him.
  • Bought K618i. I called SE Philippines and they have yet to release the phone. It's a good buy and certainly brand new.

    And yes this is a marketing strategy thread whatever you call it, but the seller is no fake.
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