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Discovery Travel and Living: 5 Takes

Has anyone heard of this travel show? I figured it would be better to put it here since this would just be buried in the TV forum. I like the flow of the show. To the uninitiated, 5 people (the TJs = travel jocks) are led through tourist spots by people on the show's messageboard. In essence, everything that they do is dependent on the suggestions of their viewers. :)

And yeah, one more thing.
They were casting for Asia Pacific and I made the first cut.



  • ^^

    congratulations. :)
  • http://www.travelandlivingasia.com/5takes/casting/index.shtml

    Some of the semi-finalists listed in the website:

    Octavia Barron Martin
    Wendy Shaw
    David Thornton
    Ali Mutch
    Remi Chauvin

    South East Asia:
    Isabella Chiam
    Lena Toepan
    Jaime Tan
    Simone Heng
    Roanna Garrucho
    Tan Choong Yen
    Sky Tao
    Janice Kon

    Maa Yungshin

    Can't wait for Season 3! :D
  • marblesmarbles PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    TJ is short for travel journalists not jocks
  • Onga. haha. poser. Sorry! :lol:
    Sioms, I emailed T&L already, hinaharass ko sila kasi incomplete pa yung list nila. All the videos will be posted. Lugi yang mga yan kasi their vids and profiles were posted on the day of the deadline (the 13th).

    I actually didnt get what I was auditioning for... Akala ko, magkaka Asia Pacific edition. bwahahaha. It actually sounds good that I could call my self a "semi-finalist" for a global audition process. :glee:
  • faaip_de_oiad: akala ko yung semi-finalists na yan napili na nila dun sa lahat ng nagsubmit. good luck dude! sabihin mo samin kung naka-post na video mo dun. :bungi:
  • Yeah, there was no way na mapipili ako para sa list na yun, kasi nung time na nilagay yun, di pa ko nagsusubmit.

    Ironically, 2 other PEXTARacers (season 1) also know people who made it past round 1 - tequilapj and the winner ako_pating. :lol:

    Olats yung video ko, pero binawi sa angas. :lol:

    I have my video uploaded somewhere else pero abangan nyo nalang sa site.hehe. Olats. ang Dilim.
  • sila tequilapj at ako_pating sumali din? i would've expected na lahat ng naglaro sa PEXTARacers (season 1) sasali jan sa 5takes :bungi:
  • They didnt join - they knew people who also joined. ;)
  • A pinoy made it. They were casting for 5 Takes USA and only AsiaPacific+Australia was casted. :)

    The one who made it was a guy named Zach - geeky goofy type. Damn... Had I known.... hehe
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