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Need info from PSHS students/alumni...

I need to know what's it like being a student at Philippine Science High School... And please share some tips on whats the entrance examination like.. Thanks mucho! :)


  • I graduated from Pisay Diliman about a dozen years ago so things may have changed. Back then we had 30 students per class in a batch of 240. It was a shock for me to be around a lot of bright kids. I mean, in my class alone, there were at least 4 national finalists in the national quiz bee. I fancied myself to be good in math but that first quarter I had a hard time because we were not spoon fed. One had to study in advance or else risk falling behind. This was such a contrast to my elem days when all I had to do was to basically come to class.
    By the second year we had algebra and geometry plus the sciences-chem, bio and physics. Needless to say, one has to learn how to study, and be competitive, too. In my case I was just so overwhelmed. I just gave up the challenge of trying to be one of the better students.
    Oh, before I forget, we also had sports. Just about everyone plays volleyball. That's something to do when there was nothing to do. I played basketball, pingpong and soccer. During my senior year we surprised a lot of folks by doing well sports. The volleyball team did so well that the it took the eventual Palarong Pambansa champs to eliminate them. The basketball team was the district champion. The chess team and the pingpong teams were good. The soccer team almost got into the regional finals. But I was most proud of the track and field team. For the 4x100 relay, the PE teachers grabbed 2 basketball players and two students who both had glasses almost an inch thick. They won the district competition quite handily.
    Sorry I got carried away. Anyway, about the exams. Well, you really have to know the math taught in your school. If you can, try to learn stuff ahead of what is being taught right now. With the science part, you can't just rely on what you are taught in your class. Read ahead. I really can't tell you much more than this. It's been a while since I took that exam.
  • 1st screenings held on dec and march for the 2nd one that was during my time, circa 90, but i think they changed this one already, sept for the 1st screening and dec for the 2nd one, hmmm to be sure though, just go there and inquire hehehe, from sm north edsa take up-sm jeep and get off pisay, beside the new gargantuan ombudsman bldg. hmmm and there is also a parent-child interview with the registrar after your kid pass the 2nd exam.

    the best part of my pisay life then, EVERYTHING. from dorm food to sc food, from playing holen infront of the BRHM benches to football, from stargazing to impeaching our freshmen (OPAL!!! WOOOOHH!!) class president, from IPS to Robotics. ayos!
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