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Hi everyone!

I'm currently doing my thesis entitled "Achievement Motivation and Socioemotional Competence of Intellectually Gifted Students". In line with this, I am looking for six HS students (3 boys and 3 girls, aged 14-16) with a superior (130 and above) IQ and studying in a CO-ED school to serve as my respondents. I will administer two psychological tests and will also interview the respondents including his/her parents and teachers. If you happen to have a son/daughter/sibling/family friend etc. who fits the criteria, kindly PM me ASAP. Looking forward to your replies.

BTW, I am a senior BS Psychology student from Assumption College-Makati.

PS: If YOU happen to have a superior IQ and would like to volunteer, PM me also. It will be highly appreciated.


  • :lol: IQ of 130? marami akong classmates na ganyan, and some of my friends are.
  • Hindi ako umabot sa Superior IQ eh.:glee: Pero yung friend ko, Superior sya kasi kumuha kami ng test [around 50 kami for admission in a university here in Cebu].

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  • NilsNils PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I believe most science high schools conduct IQ tests on their students and you could inqure at the school admin/registrars office if there are students that qualify for your study... If you are lucky, you might even get them to facilitate your proposal with the parents etc... and if you're luckier, they might even bump your study and get you some funding...
  • Hindi sa pagmamayabang, pero sayang at hindi na ako aabot sa age limit mo... :D
  • Di din ako aabot sa age limit. Tsk. Sayang. 140+ ako eh.
  • sino may alam ng free IQ test na site at ng malaman ko kung bobo na ako ngyn? :lol:
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