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Freestyle Rap , Yo drop a verse

Yo check it , this thread fo all ya hiphop freestyle rappers out there, Bust sum funky flow. Let me start by freestylin mah own rhyme,

dis **** dont mean to diss no mc's
dis **** aint about gettin dem g's
dis **** aint about humpin the hunnies
dis **** aint about me being the meanest mc

yo dis **** about me getting pissed
coz of this summetime going nowhere heat
i just wanna relase some mutchfunkin anger

welcome to manila were the HEAT is HOT
and just some hommies like me doing wateva
thinkin rhyming or just doing some diss
coz dis **** is here to represent
nor dis **** is heavensent

no thug luvin
no hustling
no freestyle or flow
just a pissed mc dats a lyrical assasin


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