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Hi! I'm planning to start a business which is dog breeding. Do you think dog breeding is a lucrative business? If so, what kind of dog shall I breed?


  • don't breed just for profit (PUPPY MILLING). do it for the love of the breed... to minimize faults and get better temperament.
  • My friend who's a board member of PCCI (the biggest purebred dog registry here) says that dog-breeding is HARD WORK, time-consuming, emotionally tiring & definitely NOT profitable. In fact, professional breeders often lose more than they earn, they usually just hope to break even. For each show-quality puppy produced, it's around 7-8 pet-quality puppies which should not be bred. Also, breeding two show-quality dogs will NOT necessarily produce show-quality puppies. Reckless breeding will result in health problems (weak bones, diseases) and degeneration of the breed (too-big mini-poms, tall daschunds).

    (BTW, a show-quality dog means one which has less than 3 "faults" of the recognized breed standard. Very technical; not for half-hearted, "backyard breeders.")

    Also, uso ngayon ang fraudulent selling/buying of dog registry papers. I posted a warning dito sa Dog Lovers' thread. So ingat-ingat lang. Baka yang "champion" puppy mo might grow up looking like a half-breed.

    So unless willing ka mag-sakripisyo ng oras, pagod at pera, forget breeding dogs (or cats, or any other animal for that matter.) Find another business venture.

    No offense meant, I'm just passionate about BREEDING ETHICS... I'm not a breeder, but I have respect for those who breed for the love of the breed and not simply to earn money... the reason is all wrong.
  • Consider that each purebred dog you have will cost initially anywhere from P25k upwards, and that you have to house, feed, bathe, vaccinate & medicate, groom and train them to the tune of P3-5k (or more) per dog per month. Then there's the weekends you lose when you have to bring the dogs to shows and hope they win enough points to earn titles.

    No, it's not profitable.
  • i used to breed mice for food for my serpent....it's HARD WORK....you have to clean the enclosure, give healthy food and water at all times....segregate males, females and babies....so not worth it! so now, i just buy na lang....
  • diapers wrote:
    Hi! I'm planning to start a business which is dog breeding. Do you think dog breeding is a lucrative business? If so, what kind of dog shall I breed?

    ugh! i hate people who sees dogs and pets as a means to profit.

    i've seen and met a lot of people who takes one look at my dog and says they want to breed him with their pets (and more often than not, their pet is not pure-bred or worse NOT the same breed at all!!!) and whenever i decline and say i just want to neuter him, they are surprised and say, "don't you want to breed him and sell the babies?"

    i hate backyard breeders. think of the people who will buy your dogs and end up with pets who have obvious faults, or worse, they have hereditary diseases. and i doubt you'll offer to take the dogs back if and when they encounter problems like that.

    unfortunately, i've been victimized by backyard breeders before i knew better.

    and just the fact that you don't seem to know anything about dogs makes your goal doubly suspicious. you're just in it for the money. pure and simple. you don't care about dogs at all. :grrr: :bop:

    just forget the idea and start a REAL business. one that won't put innocent animals in harm's way.
  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Obvious backyard breeder and puppy mill wannabe. Pathetic. You think it's lucrative to breed dogs? Of course not. It cost a fortune. You don't even care to research about the dogs...

    Read this... The BYB and Puppy Millers' Big Book

    When I was still in Manila, I bred my lab in back in 2002 hoping to land a show quality pup. My lab was of a Driftway/Sunshadow line and I bred her to Hirsipritin Q-Stonen (a swedish import and show titlest). Out of the six pups I had, I only got two that I felt were possible show contenders, I had to give one of them to the stud owner as agreement and I kept the other one. They rest I could see were pets and could not be shown. It cost a fortune to maintain them with all the vet bills, vaccines, paperwork, food etc. Not to mention I really insisted on screening those who purchased my other pups because I want them only to go to good homes.

    The two pups I kept especially the one I thought was a show contender are now with my ex. I wish I could take them to the US but at least I know they are well taken care of. As for their mom, she's still with my family in the Philippines.

    Dog breeding is difficult and responsible breeders don't breed for the money.
    Here's another link worth reading: Identifying the Responsible Ethical Breeder

    Start a different business. Don't contribute to irresponsible breeding.
  • diapers wrote:
    Hi! I'm planning to start a business which is dog breeding. Do you think dog breeding is a lucrative business? If so, what kind of dog shall I breed?

    Walang kita sa dog breeding.
  • gosh, don't breed for profit. Breed for the improvent of the breed.

    Many true and responsible breeders will tell you that there is no profit in breeding. Lugi pa minsan for the sake of the good cause.

    Plus kung wala kang alam sa breeding at all, wag na rin. Maawa ka sa mga kalalabasan ng puppies and the "innocent/ ignorant" buyers of such puppies.
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