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stresstabs effective ?

who uses stresstabs? please give feedback if its effective for you


  • stresstabs is just plain multivitamins (with iron i think)
  • somehow effective...
  • my sister falls asleep after taking it.. not exactly the effect she wants tho.
  • It's effective if you are deficient in vitamins/minerals (which most people are). Otherwise it's just that....vitamins and minerals.

    Don't expect miracles (unless, again, you are deficient). If you are deficient, it will feel like a miracle when your "normal" vitamin/mineral requirements are fulfilled.
  • Nahalungkay ko pa to sa baul. hehe

    tanong ko lang, pwede ba ipagsabay ang Stresstabs Multivitamins w/ Iron + generic Vitamin C 500mg?

    nagtatake na kasi ako ng stresstabs ngayon & nabasa ko sa ibang forum na kailangan 2-3x a week lang dapat iniinom kasi fat soluble ito na makakasama sa liver kung everyday iinumin. kaya dapat ganun lang ang pag-intake.
    & yung Vitamin C ko is 500mg. hiyang kasi ako dun kaya everyday ko siya iniinom & water soluble daw ito na kailangan itake lagi.

    ayon ang tanong ko uli kung pwede ba sila ipagsabay inumin?
  • taas ko lang! :)
  • LesLes PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Yes, you can take the two together.
  • yup and regarding your question on fat solubility. unless you take 10 stress tabs a day you wont have overdose of fat soluble vitamins. 1 a days is ok, and as for vitamin C, its water soluble so any excess of vitamin C you will just "pee".
  • oh i see. and sabi nila kailangan daw itake 2 or 3 times a week lang daw itake ang stresstab kahit multivitamins ito kasi nga fat soluble ito na makakasama sa liver if everydaya.. tama ba?
  • LesLes PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    No, that's incorrect and is a wrong conjecture from faulty logic. Fat soluble vitamins are indeed stored by the body but there is a DAILY requirement for these vitamins. The dose for commercially-marketed vitamins is adjusted so that overdosage isn't possible if you take the preparation at the recommended number of tablets or capsules, which for vitamins is usually once a day. Stresstabs (manufactured by Wyeth) is listed in MIMS as having a daily dosage of 1 tab/day. Thus there is no truth in "overdosage" in taking it daily as the manufacturer itself states that this multivitamin preparation be taken daily.

    If you want to be exact, Stresstabs contain only one fat soluble vitamin, and that is vitamin E. Each tablet contains 30 IU, which is just the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) dose. In contrast vitamin E-only supplements can contain much more (e.g. up to 100 IU). Thus there is absolutely NO truth that taking Stresstabs daily will cause overdosage. :)
  • OK, thanks for enlightening me sir les :) now i know.
  • & to you mr. tanjol as well.
  • haha no problem ^^ les explanation was way better ^^
  • FendeR_21FendeR_21 PEx Rookie ⭐
    took one, i feel sleepy and a little dizzy, normal lang ba to?
  • I took stress tabs noon when my supervisor left me. It is just a vitamin and when I am dealing with stress, stress pa rin ako. Anyway, I have a good sleep whenever I take stress tabs. I take it before I sleep and I have a good morning wake up.
  • Guys, ask ko lang... ano po ba ang effect ng stresstabs? it is an energy boost? Or pampaantok... I'm stricken with general anxiety and when i went to a psychiatrist, he prescribed me stresstabs and antidepressants (which surely knock me out).. pero yung stresstabs itself, i don't what it does.. does it make me sleepy or more energetic? naubos na kasi yung antidepressants ko and stresstabs nalang ang natira...
  • Its best that you take stresstabs before going to bed. It's no ordinary multivvitamin.
  • Hi guys. Just a quick Q pwd Ko bang isabay Ang Stresstabs with my other pills(diet pills and gluta pills?) the diet pills PO eh garcinia Cambodia and *** gluta is nano gluta. TIA
  • hi I'm new here..Tanong ko lang kung pwede ba pagsabayin ang stresstab at grapeseed. Iniinom ko na *** grapeseed pero *** stresstab hnd pa kc ntatakot ako.
    Help me pls.
  • Hi okay *** ba pagsabayin *** stresstabs at myra e? Pangalawabg araw ko na ngayon n pinagsasabay un. Tpos pnsin ko *** color ng urine ko kulay neon green or parang yellow green sya. Ano kaya ibig sabihin nun?
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