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Kamusta ang lovelife ng mga nag MEMED sa UST?

1.Talaga bang mahirap magka gf/bf na nag memed?
2.Totoo ba na kung nagdodoctor ka mas pabor kung nagdodoctor nlng din ang bf/gf nyo?
3. Panu nyo nakakayanan mag karoon ng relationship, kung meron man?


  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    there's a thread for med students.

    post your trivial questions there.

    are you in college?

    if so, think like one.
  • from my point..

    1. no. one thing your "significant other" has to have is tons of patience and understanding kc complicated ang schedule/activities pag nasa hospital setting na.

    2. it's up to u (& fate) if u want to have a bf/gf who is also a doctor. but for me, i choose not to.

    3. just like other people, we do our best to maintain our present relationship. i used my dates to unwind, de-stress (if that's how u wanna call it) myself from any hospital work. of course, we have to make time for family, friends to keep ourselves sane.

    why do u wanna know?
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