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FOR MEN: give me reasons for you to back off!

GUY: "i honestly like her, even have pictures of her... she looks like the hottest actress ive ever known... where is she? i havent seen her for a while... yeah i miss her..... i dont want to see her sad coz ill be sad too... i finally got her number, ill tell text her and after she replied, i wont send a text message anymore.. well maybe probably when im in a good mood... she's really so attractive to me, owh i think i need to fish some info's from her friends... i really like her... but....." (no moves at all....)

...very confusing.... please enlighten me.... :hopeless:
....guys, please give me some reasons why sometimes you seem to be so confusing? :(


  • As your name suggests he may be intimidated by either your wealth, beauty and/or popularity. Or maybe he's just torpe.

    Personally, he sounds creepy.

    The reason I don't go after every hot girl I see (aside from probable rejection :) ) is because of the commitment that follows. Many of us want a girlfriend, not a relationship.
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    kwento ng siraulo.
    nakaligtaang uminom ng prozac, zoloft, combantrin!

    aihihihi!!! :)


  • hi leporidae.. can you explain this further? thanks.... :)

    leporidae wrote:
    Many of us want a girlfriend, not a relationship.
  • What he means is that maybe the guy wants a fling an not an actual relationship.

    Anyway, just a question, what moves has he actually done to you already? What has he already said? Looks like most of what you stated are just info you took from your friends that also know him.
  • treat mo na lang sya ng taho para mahimasmasan. . .
  • actually it would reallly depend on how he sees you... why don't you ask him... :bashful:
  • Normally you'll back off if you're gut feeling is not right...pag parang masama yung dating, back off ka na..kaya ako, pag masama na talaga yung pakiramdam ko at parang kumukulo na yung tyan ko, i seldom backoff pero instead i'll turn my back to the person and freely release it...that way, gagaan yung feeling ko. hahahaa
  • pde rin un.... :rotflmao:

    :deadhead: kc minsan mararamdaman mo yun sa aura nila or disposition...
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    maraming reasons na aatras ang lalake... o kahit babae noh:

    ... bad breath!

    ... history of violence... prating napasubo sa bakbakan!

    ... mas malala kung ang babae ay suicide bomber noh!

    aihihihi!!! :)


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