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GIRLS: b-day surprise u did for ur bf; BOYS: memorable b-day surprise frm ur gf

hey girls,
tanong ko lang kung ano magandang b-day surprise idea for a guy . My bf's birthday is comin' up and i would like to pick up some ideas from u guys.

for guys: share din kayo para malaman ko rin what's super from a guy's point of view, aight?!



  • wow! its a tough question ha...

    anything that could remind him how much you love him...
  • eto plan ko pero hindi sa birthday nya... could be. pero plan ko tlaga to for our 1st anniversary.

    gusto ko sana magrent ng room (di ko nga lang alam kung saan) tapos lagyan ko ng maraming balloons, petals, etc. tapos syempre pagdating nya dun nakablindfold sya.. tapos pag-open nya may message na happy anniversary tapos may cake tapos dun na rin kami kakain... sana may music. wala lang.
  • last year birthday ng bf ko... if you're familiar with sunken garded at UPD.. here's the scenario... using candles, inaayos ko to form "happy b-day" then sa side may comforter and some of our favorite food(for dinner)... siempre for the effect pinasundo ko sya sa friend papunta UP then before sila makarating ng sunken, i told my friend na iblindfold sya... then nung pababa na sya sa car ako na yung umalalay sa kanya... he was really suprise nung makita nya yung candles... and then dun na kami nagdinner.. parang picnic while star gazing.... and with candles pa... saya!
  • i always knew my bf liked role-playing kinda stuff, eg. me as a french maid. I was broke and couldn't afford anything really. so he thought me putting on a costume was totally out of the question. but i'm pretty creative. So before his bday, I had sewn a french maid costume and put up a private strip show. :P. What can I say, I like putting on a show. =). Once, I also gave bought him a computer chair and put on a skit. I said "Do u like the chair?". he said yes (obviously), so I said, " Good, cuz you'll be sitting on it for a while". Then i gave him a lap dance. Hehehe. Tapos to end it, I had a surprise ice cream cake.
  • Flew over a thousand nautical miles exactly on her bday. Gave her a small stuff toy, flew on the next flight back home.....

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