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Share your experiences with posers

Ako, may kaibigan ako. Ka-close ko pa naman. Kaso... POSER! I swear!

Ganito niya i-describe ang mga mayayaman [old rich]:
1. Hindi gumagamit ng cash, puro credit card.
2. Hindi de-tatak ang mga damit, namimili lang daw kung saan-saan.

At kung anu-ano pa ang pinagsasasabi. Pero one thing's for sure... sarili niya lang ang dinescribe niya. Harrr! I think there are just people who want to do some pretending, eh:?:



  • And you call yourself a friend. Tsk tsk
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yes, people wether rich or not, poser or a friend can do whatever they want with their lives.

    I don't see any "pretending" with what you said of her. All I can hint is annoyance.

    A poser is someone who doesn't belong to a certain place by camouflaging him/herself with all the superficial qualities of that certain crowd/place or whatnot.
  • You may have confused "poser" with, I don't know, envy?

    Clawed out's definition is pretty good. You can also check urbandictionary.com for society's interpretation of colloquial words.
  • I have an asian friend who tries too hard to be like the white boys. I don't like him, but it's really hard to tell him off because he hasn't ever done anything wrong to me. He has a talent of making a lot of friends who can't say "no" to him. But when he hangs out with our group of friends we all secretly want to punch him.
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