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new CHEVROLET 2006 "AVEO" and Spark

guys kindly post your comments here between the two cars, sama niyo naren ang pictures if possible, specs, etc.

balita ko the new AVEO will now uses 1.2 L engine instead of the 1.5 engine, while on the other hand the SPark will just use a 1.0 L engine..

may mga hatak ba yung mga ganitong kotse, especially the AVEO

this will definitely fights off with the 1.3 honda jazz, city and for the toyota the 1.3 E vios.?

sa tingin niyo?




  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    The Spark still produces a tad more power than the Kia Picanto 1.1.

    However, I think GM Philippines is banking too much on their 'bowtie' badges to sell the cars. Even for economy cars, they are relatively expensive. A Kia Picanto 1.1 DLX M/T costs only Php475k while the A/T is only Php510k. Consider that the Kia is already a bigger car than the Spark (it is near the Aveo in size).

    The Picanto DLX also features an MP3 player, front power windows, anti-theft system, power locks, etc. The Picanto's mechanical cousin, the Getz, even has more features for just a lil bit more (4 power windows, split fold rear seats, etc.).

    About the only thing the Spark has against the Kia and Hyundai is it's rear fog lamp and rear center 3-point ELR seatbelt (which in all probability very few local passengers will even wear). The steel wheels on the Spark have only center hubcaps instead of full wheel covers as in the Kia and Hyundai.

    The Aveo, on the other hand, lacks side door protective mouldings (against parking lot dings and dents). The Aveo's wheelcovers are also just clipped on and are very easy to steal. The wheelcovers on the Kia and Hyundai are bolted on and cannot be removed without taking out the lug nuts.

    All of them are built in Korea. The Chevy's are built at GM-Daewoo, the Kia and Hyundai are built in their respective plants.

    They are economy cars. They are not designed to win drag races or impress chicks. The Kia has roughly the same performance numbers as a '97 Mitsubishi Pajero Turbo Intercooler. Don't expect the other Koreans to be too far off.
  • circa
    circa Member
    cars are expensive for the average buyer, if i were to buy id get a vios 1.3 or the jazz more expensive but the difference of the price would be on its reliability in the long run. if you compare a 90's pride or a daewoo & their japanese counterparts you'd see more of japanese ones are running reliably than the koreans. it depends on you..
  • student_01
    student_01 Banned by Admin
    ah, okey, but if you install the different accessories like the mags that can be found in the aveo 1.5L that can be transferred to the 1.2 L it must look good.

    power windows, power lock and alarm are optional.

    the good thing 'maybe' between the two cars is that they consume a small amount of unleaded gas, if i am not mistaken.

    i mean is that matipid. pero the only problem between this two cars is that may hatak pa bayung ganitong mga kotse, despite of the small engine they have.

    as what the life and leisure editor in the manila bulletin said, aveo has its own class,looking for the interior cabin of the aveo is nice, combining practicality and modern style perse.

    in the spark 1.0 L, this maybe a new BIG competition for the kia picanto and hyundai gets.
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    circa wrote:
    cars are expensive for the average buyer, if i were to buy id get a vios 1.3 or the jazz more expensive but the difference of the price would be on its reliability in the long run. if you compare a 90's pride or a daewoo & their japanese counterparts you'd see more of japanese ones are running reliably than the koreans. it depends on you..

    This is not always the case especially considering how much the Koreans have improved already. Our MB100 is 10 years old and is still a daily driver. And it is supposed to have come from the 'dark ages' of Korean automotive manufacturing.

    We HAD a Corolla once ('93), and would rather forget about it.

    I'm currently overseeing maintenance of 3 Korean vehicles (Ssangyong, Hyundai, and a Kia). They have proven reliable so far. Miniman cost of acquisition, minimal upkeep cost. I don't work for any car manufacturer. That is just real world experience.

    My cousin has a Kia Pride. Even though he drives a BMW already, he still did not let go of the Kia and it is still serving him well.

    Only the Aveo special edition has alloy wheels. The standard Aveo 1.5 still wears plastic full wheel covers.

    Power windows, power locks, and anti-theft are no cost on the Kia.

    Try test driving one. They can easily outdrag a Mitsubishi Pajero or Toyota Revo. Even though they have small engines, they also have very light bodies. As I've posted, the Picanto 1.1's performance numbers are close enough to a GEN II Pajero's. And Pajeros don't have much problems holding their own on the road, right?

    I don't really like believing what the Motoring section of the newspaper section says (most, not all, are just 'brochure readers'). The Aveo does not have its own class, its competitors are the Picanto and the Getz (especially the 1.4 variant). It just overpriced itself so it seems that it has no competition. If having to hang the folded rear seatback on the headrest with a flimsy strap so it doesn't fall down is 'modern', I'm gonna go crazy. hehehe.

    IMHO, the Getz still has the most versatile interior among the Korean hatches.

    The Spark will appeal to those who shun Korean badges. But with the M/T variant costing almost as much as the Kia's A/T variant and having less features at the same time, I'd rather have the 'K' badge rather than the bowtie.
  • the_BuGs
    the_BuGs d ko hilig
    Hmmm pagkaalam ko ang AVEO at Spark eh hindi naman talaga Chevy or GM made.
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    They are made at the GM-DAT plant in South Korea. So in essence, they are GM products manufactured in Korea (much in the same way that the Venture and Lumina are made in China). They are badged depending on the market they are being sent to.

    Chevy Optras are sold as Suzuki Forenzas in the U.S., for example. In the Korean market, they are sold as Daewoos.
  • student_01
    student_01 Banned by Admin
    i already bought one chevrolet aveo, ipinagpalit ko yung mitsubishi strada 1998 turbo diesel sa 1.2 L na aveo,

    mas bago pala itsura nang harap nang aveo 1.2 L -2006 kaysa sa 2004 na 1.5 L na aveo

    i mean mas mganda ang itsura.

    oo nga pala. optional talaga ang interior and exterior upgrades for an example

    yung Mags w/c costs you 32000 plus power lock and central lock na 7000 plus power windows na 12000

    gusto ko sana yung fog light para mas maganda medyo mahal lang kaya wag muna mga 11000

    sa perfor mance naman well pang city driving lang talaga siya, ang top speed niya is 220 km.hour depends sa apak mo sa accelerator, hehehe

    mostly ang shifting niya parang yung pick up ko din, hinde ko lang alam kung baket?


    1st gear- 0 to 25 km/hour
    2nd gear- 25 to 55 km/hour
    3rd gear- 55 to 80 km/hour
    4th gear - 8o to 120 km/hour
    5th gear 120 ++

    depende sayo, medyo sagad na yan.. yung rpm indicator nasa gitna nang 4 to 5, eh hanggang 8 naman yun eh,

    asko ko pala, masisira ba ang engine mo kung lage ganito ang shifting indicator mo nasa 4 to 6 rpm? lalo na pag nag brebreakin ka palang or normal driving?

    yung 1.2 L na aveo costs you 550000 pesos kaya lang introductory price palang yan for the first 50 units na mabenta swerte ko nga eh last two nlang naiwan meron pa atang isa sa chevy pasig for those peeps na gusto bumili hehe

    next succeding units will cost you "daw" about 600000 to 700000 depende sa variant.
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Powerlocks with an anti-theft system will cost you no more than Php4k if you have installed outside. I had a Police anti-theft system and power locks (five units) installed at Jeff Tan's shop and it cost me Php3,500.00 all in. As for your warranty status, that depends on your dealer. I had no problems making a warranty claim (for engine stalling) both in Wheels E. Rod and Kia Quezon Ave. I initially filed the claim with Wheels but they could not resolve it so I went to Kia QA where they have the necessary diagnostic equipment. I think they reflashed/reset the ECU to correct the problem. No cost on my part. Free car wash and coffee, too.

    Just don't exceed the redline/redzone on your tachometer and you won't have problems.

    Malabo sigurong mag-700k ang Aveo. Presyo na ng Optra iyan and they will not compete with themselves. Php600k++ lang ang Optra nowadays.
  • student_01
    student_01 Banned by Admin
    one good thing about the aveo and the spark is the fuel consumption, to tell you honestly Otep, the 1.2 L engine of the chevrolet aveo gives much more acceleration power and torque if compares it with a honda city I-dsi or otherwise the toyota vois 1.3 E.

    well based on my experience i have already drived the 3 cars and yet the aveo is still my chioce, based on my experience and in the surveys where my friends have also tested, actually im planning to choose from what my mom is going to buy in exchange with the mitsubishi strada. well yung pinili ko paren yung aveo. anyway i am not convincing you that the aveo or even spark is a good alternative car to you or sino man yun, im just sharing that i am really happy with the aveo, even if you REALLY need to put so many additional accessories in that car, being not practical? eh....

    nasa sayo paren yun, kung ano pipiliin mo.

    im just wandering, diba tsikot moderator ka? umm... wala ba talagang body color yung side mirrors nun? and how much will it cost you kung papapinturahan mo yun?*peace* :)
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    That is why there are different models to cater to different tastes. I'm not really into the City or the Vios either. But they have their own market.

    Locally, AFAIK, the side mirrors are not really color-keyed. You could have specified it with your dealer and they could have included it in the overall cost of your vehicle.

    The cost would depend on the paintshop. Some charge around Php400/side.
  • student_01
    student_01 Banned by Admin
    ^^aok, thank you
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