[MERGED] Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Sorry, I have no idea. Any dentist on board? Rita_rits, you there?


  • MeijiMeiji oxymoron & gadfly PExer
    My wisdom tooth is growing/appearing/developing and it hurts a lot. i'm having difficulty eating. is it normal for the gums (where the tooth is growing) to swell? how long does it take before the tooth becomes fully developed? is it normal for wisdom teeth to grow then stop then grow again? it seems like my wisdom tooth does not grow continuously. it seems like forever and my wisdom tooth is not complete yet, only a part of it has grown or is revealed.

    Thanks :)

    I haven't visited my dentist yet, but i plan to do so just haven't found the time yet.

  • DokmanDokman Member PExer
    Hmm... hindi rin ako dentist pero ang alam ko there is really swelling of the gums around the erupting wisdom tooth. The problem is, baka walang space para maka-erupt yung wisdom tooth, i.e. baka may normal tooth na nakaharang, and this would cause displacement or abnormal growth nung wisdom tooth, and this can cause a LOT of pain. You should see either an oral surgeon or a Dentist who does oral surgery. The wisdom tooth may need extraction.
  • Misa HayaseMisa Hayase Member PExer
    Hindi pa ako dentista..nag-aaral pa lang...i'll try my best to answer some of the questions...
    yes, swelling and soreness is normal.
    The wisdome teeth /3rd molars usually erupt at around 18-21... with the lower teeth erupting earlier than the upper wisdom teeth... sometimes other people have congenitally missing wisdom teeth. (In fact, ako nga eh, isa lang meron ko.)
    If you do have them, they're usually fully formed by the time you're 15... you might have to take an X-ray to see if they're there.
    Re:"it normal for wisdom teeth to grow then stop then grow again? "-->; I don't think it's really noticeable whether the growth stops and starts back. If it's really taking a lonnnng time, maybe it's not going to fully erupt (with the crown visible, like normally erupted teeth)... baka it's not erupting upright (and pushing on your other molars) or your jaw bone did not develop fully enough to accomodate your wisdom teeth. Go see a dentist para sure.

  • LeighLeigh Member PExer
    what am i to do with my wisdom tooth?

    it kinda hurts and it's starting to "grow" what am i to do?

    am i to have the dentist take it out or...can i leave it lang?

    skanky question. sori. :(
  • IraIra Member PExer
    See your dentist. You may have an impacted wisdom tooth and you'll need to be treated for that. The dentist will not automatically extract your 3rd molar. He or she will prescribe you antibiotics and painkillers to fight infection and swelling, as well as ask for panoramic x-rays to see the nature of the problem. Treatment would be based on what he sees in both dental evaluation and xrays. Sometimes, creating a larger opening thru excision of soft tissue would be enough to let the 3rd molar grow painlessly.
  • neptuneneptune 8th rock from the sun PExer
    Masakit bang magkaroon nyan? Kasi 18 na ko, di pa rin ako nagkakaroon.:confused:
  • powerpuffpowerpuff AnGeL!cB!+cH PExer
    doc ira...is it possible na magkasabay sabay yung tubo ng wisdom tooth ko? kasi sometimes i can't chew on my left side minsan naman sa right masaket. my gums are bleeding n its scary. i know na its starting to/ already erupting.
  • IraIra Member PExer
    Guys, I'm not a dentist--I only know the basic human physiology in regard to dentistry, so I'm not in the position to really answer more in-depth questions about dental problems. Any dentist is welcome to answer your questions, though. My personal experience with wisdom teeth is that it never caused any pains when it was erupting. I suggest you see a dentist if there is pain and bleeding, since I'm pretty sure that your teeth and gums need to be personally checked before a definite diagnosis can be made.
  • Misa HayaseMisa Hayase Member PExer
    Originally posted by neptune
    Masakit bang magkaroon nyan? Kasi 18 na ko, di pa rin ako nagkakaroon.:confused:
    Normal eruption period ng wisdom tooth 93rd molar) is mga 18... lower molars first before the upper ones. Pero sa ibang tao, minsan congenitally missing sila. i'm 23 and isa lang yung tumubo sa akin.
  • neptuneneptune 8th rock from the sun PExer
    My friends told me na 4 yung wisdom tooth.
  • Misa HayaseMisa Hayase Member PExer
    Originally posted by neptune
    My friends told me na 4 yung wisdom tooth.

    yes--2 sa taas, 2 sa lower jaw.
  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
    importante ba tlaga ipabunot to kahit di nmn sumasakit?
    kc 4 na yung tumubo sakin pero ok nmn. parang ordinaryong ngipin lang. :D
    .......kailangan ba talaga ipabunot kahit wala nmn ginagawang perwisyo sayo wisdom teeth mo?

    Pls reply :)
  • lungdoclungdoc doctor hingal baga PExer
    you can leave it there as long as its position is just like an ordinary molar. in cases of impacted tooth or those with abnormal position causing severe pain, extraction is recommended.
  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
    Thanks :)

    got 1 more question.....dba ok nmn at normal position nila....
    posible pa rin ba na mawala sila sa normal position?

    meron bang mga tao (like yung mga matanda na), na nandun pa rin yung wisdom teeth nila 'gang ngayon?

    tnx ulit...
  • Misa HayaseMisa Hayase Member PExer
    Mawawala lang sila sa normal position if:
    1)For example, nabunot yung tooth above it (or below it), so wala siyang tinatamaan, and it could supraerupt over time.
    2)May missing ka na tooth sa same arch and baka magdrift yung tooth. Or for example, nawala yung tooth na katabi niya, the 3rd molar might tip( parang lean over) into the space.

    Our teeth are designed to be with us forever (naks)... proper oral hygiene and maintenance lang... you can grow old with your teeth intact. ;)
  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
  • piQuAnTpiQuAnT chopstix twirler ;) PExer
    i had my wisdom tooth extracted last april. (it was the most excruciating pain ive ever felt) it was an impacted molar which has to be removed since it's useless and its gonna affect my second molar if i didnt hv it removed....

    ask ur dentist or hv it xrayed. if its in a-ok position, of course no need to hv it extracted.;)
  • Misa HayaseMisa Hayase Member PExer
    Piquant...masakit yung procedure? Di nagwork yung anesthetic? Or masakit siya afterwards?
  • pinkrosepinkrose Member PExer
    Uh...like how painful exactly? May impacted ako na kelangan tanggalin this sembreak, and mukhang may isa pa uling impacted. Hayyy...:sweatdrop:
  • Bea19Bea19 Member PExer
    Buti nga kayo 1 lang or 2. Sa akin 4 na impacted tooth e. So ayung every 6 months tig 2 yung tinangal. Actually nagkalaganat ako nung di pa sya tinatangal dahil cgro sa infection. Recommend ko na dentist si Dr. Macasiray sa Mkti. Super ang gaan ng kamay at walang kasakisakit yung operation. It was over in 5 mins. Tska super alaga!

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