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Love is too convenient?

I was reading my friends blog and this post made me think and realize a lot of things at the same time.

I'm beginning to hate my cellphone.

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I was watching "The Notebook", when it suddenly hit me, why do these cheesy love stories make me somehow wish that someone will love me that way. But then i thought, am i not being loved with the same amount, yet the only thing that makes it different is the era?

We live in a fast-paced life, wherein a single click, a single second can change our lives drastically. Isn't it amazing how "i love you" became so easy to say, or even express? The phrase is even a cliche! Sometimes we feel that the other person doesn't mean it anymore, but in reality, we're just hoping for magnified expressions. Big enoough for us to notice. The ones that really require so much effort. But is it just that, love is still the same, yet its expression has evolved, or it is the fact that the meaning of love just evolved through time?

Love conquers all.

History dictates what love can do. Its either its something great, or something so terrible enough to lose our sanity. After watching the paperback that turned into film, the feeling of envy is still right beneath my head. But right now im realizing, is it really something to envy about? Is it our faults that technology has evolved, and has tremendously made expression so much easier?

Sometimes its so nice to live a simple life. A life wherein not all things evolve and exist for our convenience... The simple acts are the ones that mean so much. A cheesy card, your guy going to your house just to ask you if he could take you to dinner tomorrow, a bunch of flowers that's hand-picked. Expressions of love arent supposed to be disposable, just like a text msg in your fone that you can delete. Its something that should stick to our memories. Something done out of convenience. and i go back to what i said. Love conquers all.... it conquers the comforts of the world we live in right now. It doesnt have to be hard, but it has to be done with meaning.


  • oh yeah.... sad but true. that leaves me with just my imagination forming out scenes of the old classic ways of falling in love.

    corny no? but i guess the time and effort spent on love way back then makes it a lot more romantic.
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^Yeah. :D

    I got it from closingcycles blog.
  • Sad but true... Haaaay... Can't say more..
  • bored2deathbored2death PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Love is love whatever genre it is...

    it's the people who is trying to change the meaning of love. right now, everything is too easy. you meet someone thru txt, say i love you thru txt and end everything thru txt.....ano ba yon?

    you meet someone in e-mail, ligawan to the max thru e-mail and everything ends in e-mail...again, ano ba yon?

    that's why guys think it's ok not to exert a lot of effort kasi dami nyang pwedeng i-txt or ma-meet thru e-mail instead of making their relationship works thru hard work the old ways. You know, stuff like ligawan yung girl, send flowers, be sweet thru small things.

    so everytime we see old fashioned love done thru old-fashioned way, hay, how we wish we meet someone in the flesh that will be that sweet.

    well, then we can always turn the tide of time. let's not be as easy as a girl who say i love thru txt....nothing beats a warm body who can tell you upfront what he loves about you.

    internet dating/relationship is just for fun. for keeps? let's do it the old-fashioned way. *okay*
  • :rotflmao:

    what makes me laugh is when we do meet someone who loves us completely, we take it forgranted.

    yes, it may not have gone through that long courtship, it may not have that cry-your-heart-out feeling, but love still exists. we just have to realize it for what it is.

    we live in an instantaneous world right now, and we may have experienced love at first sight, or it may have taken us weeks, months or years to realize that we love a person... but does it really matter how long it took us to realize that love and to express it? i hope not.

    and when we do meet that person who would love us completely, someone who is willing to give his life, sacrifice everything, and is willing to defy those around him just to fight for US for his love and for our relationship to continue... we take that person forgranted, or worse, we don't believe in the love he is trying to offer or we go for those guys/girls who are more exciting.

    yes, the notebook, ever after, city of angels, notting hill, sleepless in seattle, moulin rouge are just some of the movies that makes us wish we'll experience a love that lasts a lifetime... or even better, a love that overcomes death.

    but we don't see that guy/girl who is always there for you, who is always willing to prioritize you, the person who is willing to accept your anger and defy you to do what s/he thinks is best for you, the one who fights for you, the person who could see your strength and potential when you yourself feel like you're falling apart.

    and we'll keep on wishing for that one great love... when it was just right beside us all along. i do hope we realize it, before that person becomes tired and decides to give his/her love to someone who will treasure it for what it is.
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^I agree.

    And its sad we have to settle for this kind of relationship. Actually we dont HAVE to it's just sometimes we CHOOSE to. Kasi we love that person? Or we're scared to end up alone?

    I mean lets face it. Some guys sa courting stage, ang gagaling, super melt your heart sweet. After about 2 months...it's i luv u :) bleeping all over your fone. Walang follow up. They dont even text the whole sentence properly. It's like more vowels will cost them more an a peso texting.

    I guess right now a simple gesture of love (like instead of making her wait at the lobby for you to pick her up come earlier even if you have to wait for more than 10 minutes, or bring her her fave flavor of donut even if its out of your way - it doesn't mean naman na you have to do it everyday) is a nice follow up to words uttered. It's a nice break from "i luv u" read everyday but never actually felt real.
  • sunset7sunset7 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i guess saying the words is not that mush important nowadays...
    the important thing is...is is hearfelt?
    does that person meant it?
    thats y i really admire the couples
    who stayed together despite the trials that come their way...
    i mean simple things that makes the person felt loved
    is enough to make a day complete..
    especially when both people are inlove...

  • how convenient is convenient? :bashful:
  • LOVE is never convenient. If it is, then it simply means that you're just hungry for food. Gusto mo na snickers?
  • orangepinkorangepink PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I was surfing through this forum when I came across this thread....
    it is the fact that the meaning of love just evolved through time?

    hmmm, for me, the meaning of love is the same everywhere and in anytime. Siguro, iba-iba yung manifestation pero bottomline, they did it out of love.
    ayane wrote:
    and we'll keep on wishing for that one great love... when it was just right beside us all along. i do hope we realize it, before that person becomes tired and decides to give his/her love to someone who will treasure it for what it is.

    Ayane is right. Share ko na rin kwento ng parents ko. During their early years of marriage, my parents lived in my grandparent's house. Something happened that caused my lola to tell my parents na lumayas daw sila. My dad was torn between siding with my mom or obeying his parents. In the end, my dad sided with my mom even if it meant them leaving the house when they're not financially ready. Many years later, I see how much my dad meant to my mom. As in, kahit inaapi na dad ko sa mga kapatid niya, my mom was always there to defend him. I guess, ganun tlga ang meaning ng love.

    Tapos, meron din akong classmate dito who's mom converted from Muslim to Catholic during the time of the Lebanese civil war. That was years ago.

    But my point is love is love kahit saang lupalop dito sa mundo. :love:
  • jra21jra21 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sa tingin ko Love will not evolve, expression, can be. but the feeling of love? it will be the same 4ever;)
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Lately someone showed me love can be more than texting and phone calls...hehe

    Yihee. :>
  • freshbabefreshbabe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    wala na ngang ligawan eh... (courtship??)
    it's either hook up, make out kagad or
    pseudo relationship... i think guys...
    are more onto the physical rather than
    emotions invested... maybe they can
    keep a long-term relationship...
    pero most likely they have cheated...
    w/in the relationship... :(

    well i don't know with teen love
    nowadays... siguro dito talaga yung stage
    (teen love)
    na may emphasis talaga sa long-term
    relationship... at immaturity lang ang

    when on your early-mid twenties...
    parang... iba na rin ang concept mo ng love...
    kumpara nung teenage years... :rolleyes:

    and ang concept ko ng love... now
    its more on how a guy can offer
    a positive impact in your life plus
    he's really devoted... & honest sa relationship...
    its like both of your personalities compensates
    the other...;)
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^Ganyan talaga pag tumatanda nagiiba ang perspective ng mga bagay bagay...
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