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what's the difference between inbound sales and outbound sales?

what's the difference between inbound sales and outbound sales?


  • Cyberspace_lawCyberspace_law Member PExer
    as far as i know. inbound sales, customer will call you to purchase, this is where you'll get the information and the item they want to buy just in case they were convinced. on the otherhand outbound sales, you'll be directed to the customer (you'll actually call them to sell/rightsize items/products). correct me if im wrong. customer service pa lang kasi alam ko.
  • zomatryzomatry Member PExer
    OUTBOUND SALES --> very hard, you will really convince the client to buy... you will be the one contacting them...

    INBOUND SALES ---> mush easier, it's like order-taking... It's like the one in home-tv shopping channel! the client will call you and you will answer some inquiries and then they will place an oder.
  • Girl_ticklerGirl_tickler Member PExer
    ok thanks a lot :p

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