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Replace pang-ilalim? ano ba 'to?

i'm planning to buy a 2nd-hand mazda...sabi ng kakilala ko pacheck ko yung "pang-ilalim" ng kotse...ano po ba 'to? may marecommend po ba kayo na shop na maayos gumawa nito?..magkano po aabutin?...thanks in advance


  • circa
    circa Member
    check the condition of ball joint, tire rod, rack end, front n rear shocks,
    rotor disc, brake pads, brake shoes, inner n outer velocity boots, tires, alignment, camber, undercoating, leaks from the engine, rack n pinion, crankcase, gear oil leak. a shell gas station or a bridgestone/servitek is ok.
  • andami pala..:eek:
  • mga magkano kaya abutin?..:confused:
  • Papichulo168
    Papichulo168 Simplified.
    Kung replace lahat nakowpow! Sakit sa ulo! Surplus is around 50K, casa will be more than that! Pero minsan replace shocks and bushings lang ok na. Sa Zafra or Banawe.

    Sasabihin kasi ng mga talyer or casa palitan lahat pero may mga parts na di naman kelangan palitan unless nabangga.
  • Papichulo168
    Papichulo168 Simplified.
    or bili ka na lang ng 12" sub, 1000w amp and separates....sigurado tanggal lahat ng kalampag nyan!
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Zafra or Rapide is not the shop you'd want to be in. They'll just replace everything (kahit hindi sira) using overpriced parts.

    Cruven did the whole front suspension of the Pajero for around Php4K (all in). I did bring my own shocks (Php800/ea. Pajeros use truck shocks kaya mura lang, mas mahal shocks ng sedans). . Btw, they specialize in REPAIRS. You have to tell them if you want a part REPLACED.

    In Banawe, Class A-Motorcraft (near North Park) gets my vote.
  • narutrix
    narutrix Pagla2kbaySmundoNgKawalan
    ^^ ma recommend mo ba yung Class A-Motorcraft for repairs? just in case masiraan yung sasakyan ko, ala talaga akong alam sa sasakyan...
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Class A is an all around mechanical works shop. They do engine and suspension work. They do not do much electrical and a/c work (I go to a different shop for that).

    For the scope of work they do, they are good at it. The price is reasonable and the personell are honest. The owner is also an auto enthusiast (off-roader).

    If you plan to go there, you have to be early. I got there 7:30am and I was the fourth or fifth vehicle in the que already.
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