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"Mahal Kita...Maging Sino Ka Man" - SAM MILBY & ANNE CURTIS (Lovenest 1)



  • The Royals:love:

    Prince Samuel & Princess ANNE:bounce2:

    why not!?!
  • :rotflmao: Wahahahahaha I'm sorry I guess the UN love got the best of me, and I think Max/Tess were really oober cute till the writers messed up their story :rotflmao: Wahahahahaha I'm ducking again cause I know you're about the throw something much bigger:lol:

    Hmmmm...I think there's a vid of it in Youtube, I'll go look for it now :D

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG JHING I forgot to tell you, you know your LOVE Brandon Routh...well he made an appearance at a pop star's music video a couple of years back I saw the vid and OMG I didn't even recognize him in it:rotflmao: he looked really different.
  • Hi Louise...:)

    welcome back micamyx:)

    i agree, micamyx...maganda yung MMK ni GeoffANNE:love:

    galing ni ANNE doon*okay*

  • Royals sounds good to me.

    Hey Reez if it isn't too much to ask can you help me install photoshop. I tried installing it yesterday, but I still couldnt' figure out the problem.
  • :)Louise,go on ym...:D

    i'll guide you installing photoshop*okay*
  • OMG Reez don't you LOVE Brandon Routh too do you know what music video he was on.
  • yeah, i like Brandon Routh...

    what video is he on?
  • :lol: He was the boy in Christina Aguillera's video ''What A Girl Wants'' I was soo shocked to see him, he got so much hotter now and now he looks more mature than he did back then.:lol:
  • :wave: everyone! :D

    i get the "some fanatics" double meaning :rotflmao:
    but for some reason, i like the sound of samANNEtics better. i don't know why. :laugh:
    but i like Louise's suggestion the most, i.e. about thinking of a name that matches a couple's 'personality', or a name from one of the songs they've sung in sam sessions.
    then again royals are good. how about royalties?
    well, i'm sure we'll get more ideas when the soap starts showing teasers at least. :D
  • I hate PEX!!! :lol:

    Hello Royals, SAMfANNEatics, SamANNEtics, ano pa ba? :rotflmao:

    Saaaaaammm! - glad u cud join us here. wehehe

    Louise - don't duck, just hiiiiiide! Here comes a sofa chair!
    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My Superman aka Brandon Routh was the guy in Xtina's What a girl wants? Shhhoooot me! Ok, am off to youtube now. :lol:
  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I want an AnneSam duet on ASAP this Sunday. :lol:

    Mareeeeeee! Louise! Have u heard of the song YO TE AMO?? OMG!!! I loooove that song. My friend burnt me a copy of it. She's from there so u guys must have heard it. It's a Spanish song sung by some Spanish guys. :lol:
  • Jhing, 100% geoffANNEatic pa rin ako... but that won't stop me from enjoying watching Anne and Sam too! :D they look really cute! :D
    actually, kahit naman dun sa KK, gusto ko sana si Luke for Imang (o kahit si Lorenzo) kaso nasira yung kwento eh. :lol:
  • Sam!!!! - I'm always gonna be a geoffANNEatic but I really want AnneSam too. :lol: Namamangka ako sa 2 ilog. :lol:
  • 2 ilog? okay lang yan... :rotflmao:
  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! OMG! I can't wait to see Photoshoot pics!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :lol:
  • our dear *princess* Anne looks good with a lot of guys kasi :rotflmao:
  • Waahahahaha Oo, 2 ilog. Ok lang di ba? Wala namang masama. :rotflmao:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So what are we going to call ourselves? The Royals? Nyahahaha we sound like a band. :lol:
  • Heeeeeeee so, what do u think of the title of the thread, Sam? U like? :lol:
  • Get back here Sam! :lol:

    Gosh, I wanna see some teasers now. I hope they start showing teasers soon. :lol:

    Mahal kitaaaa...basta't mahal kitaaaa...iniisip nila ay hinde mahalaga ...mahal kita maging sino ka maaaannn.. :lol:
  • it's great, Jhing! *okay* the title's perfect...
    and i'm glad you started the thread. :D
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