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PINOY X-MEN: RPG thru email



:bashful: We're going to launch a role playing game through email posts that encompasses the world of mutants, somewhat like the x-men, if they existed here in the philippines.

We're accepting applicants for members that would participate in exploring this world. :)

Please visit our yahoo groups at
where all the behind-the-scenes info are dessiminated ... the actual saga page is on its way once we've decided the initial roster of heroes.


copy, paste and fill out the CHARACTER APPLICATION on the FILE section.

PLEASE ... you think you'd be interested in something like this? We want to hear what you think ...




  • guys ... we really love to hear ur inputs
  • taas ko lang ...

    for those who loves to write ...
  • taas ko lang po
  • You might want to explain the mechanics of this game to people more before they decide to sign up. I don't think most people get the concept of email RPG.
  • yeah how do you roleplay through email?
  • The Game Master sends out an intro of the game in a form of a story. parang intro ng isang episode ng tv show.

    Basically, gagawa ang players ng mga characters nila.

    Players would then continue the story, in a couple of paragraphs, pero sa perspective ng character nila. kung ano yung gagawin ng character nila sa situation na yon. pero ur not allowed to write for a different character.

    if you're going to bring into play another character, or let your character and some one else interact with each other ... you tag them.

    for example my character is Jose. and i need to bring Pedro into my post ...

    naglakad papalayo si Jose, papunta sa dagat kung saan nakita niya si pedro.

    "Kamusta," sabi ni Jose.


    "Parang napapadalas ang pagpunta mo rito."


    ---- and so on ...

    the one playing pedro would re-post the whole thing writing his part na sa story, dialogue and actions.

    The Game Master, usually part of the game itself, would slowly unfold the story ... or missions (in RPG world) kung saan lalabas ang mga qualities ng mga characters mo. RPGs thru email aren't much concerned with action, although its a huge part of it, pero its more on character development.

    if you're someone who grew up daydreaming or imagining you're someone else, like an x-men, this would work for you.

    its like reading a choose your own fate book. kasi naiimpluwensiyahan mo yung takbo ng kwento mo.

    if you want to take the story to a different direction o you want to induce a subplot to make it interesting, you tell the Game Master in private.

    Parang ganon.
  • mkati_blow wrote:

    "Parang napapadalas ang pagpunta mo rito."


    ---- and so on ...

    the one playing pedro would re-post the whole thing writing his part na sa story, dialogue and actions.

    just wondering, wouldn't you be leading the character if you do this?

    coz it seems like you're not leaving a lot of space for the other person to react.. How would you know if he's gonna react to your questions positively or negatively..

    Like if you say something, then you leave a space for him, then in your next comment, you assume that the person reacted positively.. What if the person wants to react in a negative fashion? Or what if the person decides to ignore your question? He would be *forced* not to ignore you since there are other parts in the conversation -- unless he decides to delete the whole conversation and ignore you from the beginning.


    i'm not familiar at all with e-mail RPGs, please do enlighten me though :)

    oh, one more thing, pano yung turns nito? you all submit your e-mails to the game master, then siya nalang mag publish ng isang e-mail?
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