CC | Issuer You Love, Issuer You Hate The Most

TravelBugTravelBug Sakay Na! PExer
Best 👍 and Worst👎 Credit Card Issuing Banks
 CC | Issuer You Love, Issuer You Hate The Most


  • fatbigfatbig Member PExer
    Standard Chartered Bank - I got approved for a gold credit card (this is the card that has its annual fee waived forever as long as the cardholder spends Php90,000 every year. The bank kept delivering the credit card (during weekdays) to my residence (because that is my billing address) but the messenger would not leave the card because I was not there to personally receive it. Well, of course, I would not be at home on weekdays because I am working! The messenger would not leave the card even if I had left an authorisation letter and IDs!! (HSBC and Citibank accepts authorisation letters.) Then I called Standard Chartered Bank to cancel the credit card and guess what they said - I cannot cancel the credit card because I have not received the card yet!!! WTF?!!!

    BPI - Based on my experience, BPI has the worst customer service. The customer service representatives are not well trained - they are not knowledgeable about the products (for instance, how to preterminate a car loan). They usually give the wrong information that creates more hassle for the client. They do not know how to handle queries - they just have the standard "scripts" that do not exactly help. When I cancelled my BPI Express Credit Card, it took them more than a month to finally cancel the credit card!! Whenever I call 89-100, all they give me is a reference number and an advice to call again after a few days to follow up!!!

    Citibank - I've had my Citibank credit card for the longest time and I never had any serious problems. The customer service representatives are able to answer most of my queries. I guess they have been given some level of decision-making authority that is why whenever I have queries or requests, they are able to act on them immediately. When I opened a time deposit account with Citibank, the account officer was very efficient. The transaction was done quickly and the confirmation was sent to my house just a few days later.
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Best: American Express. Excellent customer service and superb fraud detection mechanisms.

    Worst: American Express. Few accepting merchants in this country.
  • JozjhJozjh Member PExer
    I have citibank, hsbc and standard chartered. I hate customer service and policies w/ HSBC. It sucks! Citibank is ok, high credit limit
  • TravelBugTravelBug Sakay Na! PExer
    Equitable PCI Amex, another issuing bank with very bad customer service. I just terminated my account with them today. Good riddance.
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ Moderator PExer
    Standard Charter SUCKS!!! Screw you SCB! :down:
  • dannybedannybe Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i second that AltarBoy!! Citibank is my best card.
  • newkidnewkid Member PExer
    Worst - Citibank - I was charged annual fee twice in 6 months and it took them 3 agonizing months to reverse it.

    Best - BPI - Smooth so far.
  • tidus1203tidus1203 star of the abes! PExer
    None. Debit Card all the way! :lol:
  • wey_nardwey_nard Member PExer


    kasi wala pang 1yr card ko kaya siguro wala pa kong masyadong naeexpirience na problem with my 2 CC(metrobank is the other)
  • No. 3No. 3 IMayBeWrong,ButIDoubtIt PExer
    best for me would be HSBC. you can inquire your balance anytime anywhere through phone. get soft copy of your statement online. track all your current expenses. store up to 6 months of electronic statements. state of the art security system. and they kept increasing my limit even without asking them to. they are also willing to waive my annual fee.

    BPI - so-so
  • sw000shsw000sh Overseer PExer
    Best: BPI because i can pay online :)

    Worst: AMEX - had a hard time finding an ATM in Shanghai where I can withdraw cash
  • wey_nardwey_nard Member PExer
    dami ko ng nabasang complain about AMEX a. 5yrs waived annual fee pa naman sila...

    pwede rin pala magpawaive ng annual fee or ipaextend sa BPI.
  • rychurychu nagmemeron pa rin PExer
    Best: HSBC/BPI - I can pay online through BPI ExpressOnline so no hassle.

    Worst: Citibank - No online means of payment in BPI.
  • metropolitanmetropolitan the truth hurts, does it? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    metrobank's parter ANZ, for metrobank cards sucks a lot. kung alam niyo lang kung gaano ka poor ang services and technology ng ANZ Bank in their home markets.
  • sw000shsw000sh Overseer PExer
    pwede pala ipa-waive ang annual fee sa BPI. makapag-inquire nga ;)
  • lividlivid black & blue PExer
    WORST: Union Bank -- it's been more than 2 months already, yet they still haven't replaced my card (misspelled name). I have just cancelled the card today.

    BEST: Citibank -- no problems encountered
  • 8nina88nina8 hush PExer
    worst: Standard Charter bulok talaga as in!
    1. no billing statement sent for almost half a year.
    2. miscomputed interests
    3. inconvenient - bank locations

    Best: HSBC all the way!

    been with HSBC since 1999, and I never had any problems with them.
    Great service, accurate computations, and has a lot of great deals. You guys should really try the Red Card or the Visa Miles.

    they've increased my credit limit, i think 5x na since 1999, without me even asking for it :D

    and oh, their 0% installment promos are really hassle free.
  • TravelBugTravelBug Sakay Na! PExer
    I have both Citibank and HSBC. Both increased my credit limit again but this time HSBC lowered the interest rate on my credit card. HSBC is now my fave card beating Citibank.
  • wey_nardwey_nard Member PExer
    sw000sh wrote:
    pwede pala ipa-waive ang annual fee sa BPI. makapag-inquire nga ;)

    yup pwede, pero for approval, ang dahilan ko is baka pacancel ko na lang kasi may isa pa naman ako card. yun nasa waiting list na..hehe
  • wey_nardwey_nard Member PExer
    sw000sh wrote:
    pwede pala ipa-waive ang annual fee sa BPI. makapag-inquire nga ;)

    yup pwede, pero for approval, ang dahilan ko is baka pacancel ko na lang kasi may isa pa naman ako card. yun nasa waiting list na..hehe

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