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Milo Boy AJ PEREZ: Certified Cutie

AJ Perez was first launched as one of the members of Star Circle Batch 13. His Milo commercial paved the way to his entry into showbix as it was in that commercial where he caught the eye of the ABS-CBN bosses. He had no idea he could be getting their attention this early but he is very thankful to have been given the break. He grabbed the rare opportunity and is really enjoying being on camera. He hopes to be a stand out among his peers in the field of drama. Just a year after his first introduction with the Batch 13, AJ is fast developing into matinee idol material. His good looks and charm surely complement his talents, thus ensuring his evemtial rise to stardom.

However, if he is made to choose, AJ said he’d like better to be famous basketball star someday.


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