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Paboritong kantahin sa VIDEOKE...

aze24aze24 my little star ✭✭✭
Ako, Crazy for You, hindi yan nawawala sa bawat videoke session ko.

eh kayo????


  • shychicshychic paradoxical PExer
    Easy like Sunday Morning - monotone kase, hahah.
  • total_amounttotal_amount /////////////// PExer
    ako With Arms Wide Open, Creed.
  • avonleaavonlea Moderator PExer
    build me up buttercup
  • eccentriQeccentriQ LOVE=strawberry PExer
    Run to You by Whitney Houston :love:
  • silvanasilvana Member PExer
    friend of mine
  • narutrixnarutrix Pagla2kbaySmundoNgKawalan PExer
    bituing walang ningning :glee:
  • total_amounttotal_amount /////////////// PExer
    narutrix wrote:
    bituing walang ningning :glee:

    :lol: :lol:
  • soulthirdsoulthird It Ain't Worth It PExer
    heart of mine
    wherever you will go
  • drei221drei221 Headbang ✭✭✭
    kaleidoscope world, runaway train
  • SUX2B?SUX2B? Banned by Admin PExer
    Masaya talaga ang mag-videoke/karaoke. :laugh:

    Palagi kong kinakanta: Kiss from a Rose, King of Pain, Fields of Gold, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, AT....

    We are the World (Dito kasi napapalabas ko ang iba't ibang voice ranges ko from Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder to Bruce Springsteen to Cyndi Lauper) :lol:
  • jazzyjazzy PExer
    i did it my way. :) Madami ng namatay sa kantang to. :lol:
    ______________________________________ - ang Website ng mga WAIS!
  • xiao_gxiao_g mrs. mcavoy PExer
    ABBA's mamma mia. :bungi:
  • greiggreig curious greig ✭✭
    ako naman "high" hehehehe wala na ba daw akong ibang alam na kantahin..
  • nookie_11nookie_11 strung-out sociopath PExer
  • sheerYOUSmodesheerYOUSmode can you dig? PExer
    Karma chameleon
  • PusaichiPusaichi re-member ✭✭
    Keys Meeeeeeeee !
  • vindicatedvindicated Member PExer
    before i let you go pag senti

    saka wherever you will go hehe
  • vertud21vertud21 Silent Luna ✭✭✭
    always on my mind by elvis

    are you lonesome tonight by elvis

    can't help falling in love by elvis

    all the man that i need by whitney (hehehehe)
  • confused18confused18 Member PExer
    bagot na bagot na sila pag nasa prov. kame kase lague koh kinakanta ehh
    i' ll never get over you (gettin' over me)..
  • shonenshonen knife PExer
    Her hair is Harlow gold,
    Her lips sweet surprise
    Her hands are never cold

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