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Where's the best place to buy academic books? Most bookstores carry only fiction and some nonfiction. I'm looking for books by Edward Said, Huntington, Friedman, Berger, Habermas, even classics such as Durkheim, Weber, etc. Mostly books on sociology and political science.


  • Popular Bookstore along Tomas Morato.
  • if you are looking for books from foreign authors, try the C&E Bookshop. there's one in Recto, near UE.
  • You might also want to check out the store A Different Bookstore.(glorietta) along with other fiction/non-fiction books includes exceptionally rare titles of classics and contemporary reference works.. nice collections of hard-to-find titles but can be pretty pricey though. try ebay for used books, and yung gutenberg free ebooks for classic works din. goodluck.
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