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Carlos Castaneda Books, Anyone?

His books are classified as Non-fiction under section of New Age.


  • his books are extremeLy profound, half-surreal and intensely affecting.really INCREDIBLE.

    I had "a yaqui way of knowledge" and "a separate reality"...

    I wish I hadn't given away th0se books...

    however, I've read so many negative comments about him, sayin that what he's written are just figments of his imagiNation.
  • The main ammo of his critics are the discontinuity in the sequences of his experiences. More about that on Wiki. Anyway, I've read "journey to ixtlan" and I havent finished "separate reality." If give me headaches - but thats just me. Some points I've picked up are pretty metaphysical and still stays with me, like knowing what time of the day is "my time" or walking as much as possible with "free hands", hence the prediliction for backpacks and mailman bags.

    But you know, I'd rather believe Don Juan himself than Carlos. Dont ya wish he'd just appear to you one day and give you a 'shroom trip?
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