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anong laman ng 1st aid kit nyo sa bahay

shonenshonen knife PExer
nuon araw di 1st aid box ang tawag sa bahay namin. eskaparate. naalala ko lagi kami meron tiger balm, agua oxinada, aciete de manzanilla - astig to, sikat na gamot sa kabag pero madami pa nagagamot, salonpas, vicks, band-aid at sebo de macho. gamot na pula din. medicol, aspilet, gasa, diatabs.

ngayon nadagdag betadine, poh sum oil (dragon oil), ponstan etc.

ano pa mga gamot o pamahid na dapat meron tayo at laging ready.


  • ayaneayane Member PExer
    now that i think about it... we don't have a first aid kit...

    well, our dogs have a first aid kit. they have their cotton buds, bandages, gauze, scissors, pain relievers and whatnot in case they get a wound or something.

    but the humans? when we need medicine, we search high and low at every room of the house for a medicine we need. :rotflmao:
  • ivankirk12ivankirk12 Member PExer
    lagare, martilyo, turnilyo...
  • alky-holicalky-holic bite me PExer
    We don't have a first aid kit, but we have a medicine cabinet though.

    Band aids, thermometers, blood pressure (readers?), cotton buds, gauze, those elastic thingies you wrap around muscles, etc :D
  • narutrixnarutrix Pagla2kbaySmundoNgKawalan PExer
    naku...wala kaming 1st aid kit s bahay :glee: kung meron man..siguro laman nun puro delata...hirap ata magutom :glee:
  • peeyaa79peeyaa79 Member PExer
    i just realized pede na palang pharmacy yung bahay namen sa dami ng medicines and equipment. may medicines and stuff for humans and dogs alike.

    btw, yung bactidol, okay sya to prevent cough. pag na-feel mo pa lang na itchy na yung throat, just gargle around 2-3x a day.

    other things i see are: off lotion, tweezers (for splinters), white flower, visine, ben-gay, bonamine, petroleum jelly, zyrtec (antihistamine), alcohol...basta, dami pa.

    i think it's important to have a first aid kid. you'll never know when you'll need it. unless, you have a 24-hr drugstore or hospital right beside your house.

    also, make sure that you keep track on the expiration date of the meds. they do expire, you know.
  • jadebenchjadebench NAVY boy from Las Vegas PExer
    condom hahahaha!
  • Coke_RoyalCoke_Royal PEX is Fun PExer
    Dahon Bayabas


    Mga Retasong Damit

    Mertayoleyt ( tama ba spelling) :glee:
  • DunedainDunedain NINJAneer gone Indie! ✭✭✭
    Morphine. :lol: It's enough to calm the victim down, enough time to dial 911. Ay, teka. Naubos ko... este, ubos na pala. :glee:
  • Econ_majorEcon_major Working Fella PExer
    hmmm... medicine cabinet... anduon lahat ng aspirin, biogesic, diatabs, atsaka mga oinments...
  • SweetkaySweetkay looking for my next mistake ✭✭
    Medicines, gauze ... terramycin, alcohol, cotton balls and cotton buds ... thermometer, off lotion ...

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