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    ^Yan din ang Tanung ko....CNO UN>????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Cnong juniper?
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    si juniper..siya yung sa Let's go..;) pretty siya.
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    guys!!! minention ko lang po dito yung about sa Let's Go, since kasi na pareho lang sila na bago ng POSH. and since din na pareho rin nagugustuhan ng iba posters on both threads, nagremind lang ako na sana hindi to pagsimulan ng away. kasi syempre aminin na natin na magkakaroon ng comparison although magkaiba naman talaga sila. Pareho kasi sila magandang show..:D

    Pero di ko naman sinabi na magcomment din kayo mismo sa thread na to about Let's Go, me sarili naman tong thread eh... dun na lang kayo magpost, kasi me iba din na hindi nanonood nito Baka malito sila sa names ng mga casts, kakastart pa lang ng POSH..
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    Teens take over TV…again!

    By Paul Daza
    Last updated 11:51pm (Mla time) 06/28/2006

    Published on Page A2-6 of the June 29, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    HOT on the heels of ABS-CBN’S new teen sitcom “Let’s Go” is “Posh,” a Viva TV production about college students which premiered last Saturday on QTV 11.

    Like “Let’s Go” and “Posh” isn’t just meant to provide late afternoon entertainment. Press releases say it’s also a venue to hone the talents of a new batch of teen stars. With so many young wannabes being cranked out of TV talent searches, the conclusion is inescapable: Teens are everywhere, and if you’re not their age, you’re liable to become sick of them very soon.

    Like “Let’s Go,” “Posh” is set in a college where opportunities for culture clashes abound. But where the ABS-CBN show is a laugh track-enhanced sitcom shot mainly in a controlled studio set, “Posh” is a pop song-driven melodrama shot on real locations.

    The dissimilarities end there. Even though these programs are stuffed with attractive boys and girls (most of whom we’ve never seen before), they both handicap their actors by having them portray one-dimensional caricatures. Like “Let’s Go,” “Posh” has a naïve probinsyana, a rich party-goer, an athletic jock and an insecure nerd whose interactions are meant to entertain and educate viewers in weeks to come.

    “Posh” stars Gian Carlos and Iwa Moto of “Starstruck 3” Final Four fame. Their co-stars are newcomers Princess Violago, Miguel Nicosia, Vanessa del Moral, Vivo Ouano, Hayca Buenavacz, Ivan Carapiet, Nikki Bacolod, PJ Ruprecht, Rhea Nakpil and Joaquin Sebastian.

    The pilot episode was undoubtedly well-produced. The characters’ school and hangouts look very hip and colorful. In terms of visual impact, this aspect outclasses the cardboard studio look of “Let’s Go.”

    Taking risks

    In terms of originality, however, “Let’s Go” has a slight edge because its writers at least take a chance by making one of their main characters gay. In past local teen shows, gay characters would only be minor supports. “Posh” takes no such risks and makes no innovations, its creators still probably believing that young actors who play homosexuals are committing career suicide. (And they could be right!)

    What’s striking about “Posh’s” first episode in terms of scripting was the bluntness in laying the groundwork for the soon-to-explode social class conflicts. The rich kikay girls criticize the poor probinsiyana’s looks, and one lower middle-class kid tells another in no uncertain terms that rich people are not to be trusted. Even the title of the show, “Posh,” hints at the war between the classes. “Posh” refers to the haves, “kaposh” (kapos) to the have-nots. Whether this is a brave or tepid movie is too early to tell, but the show’s fixation on the rich and poor makes one wonder how “Posh” would have turned out had it been directed by the late Lino Brocka. Would it have turned out like “Meteor Garden”… but with squatters and student rallies?

    The folks behind “Posh” have the unenviable task of making their show stand out in a market already crowded with teen shows. Let’s hope they succeed—with stories and situations that will truly challenge their stars as actors, and give viewers a truly innovative and entertaining show.
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    Any updates sa QTv11 website?
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    Please watch the 5th comic episode of LET ‘ S GO at ABS-CBN 2 , July 01 at 4:00 pm . It’s about the heartwarming and funny situations that these college students encounters in their day-to-day life in school , dormitory and other fun places . OK itong sitcom na ito , mapapangiti ka sa tuwa…..laughtrip talaga ..promise.


    Originally Posted by LakingDos
    Engaging mix of fun and good sense
    First posted 10:08pm (Mla time) June 20, 2006
    By Nestor U. Torre

    EVERY Saturday afternoon, Channel 2 is telecasting a new show about and for teenagers, “Let’s Go.” We caught the comedy show for the first time last June 10, and liked it for its brisk pacing, varied situations and perky performances.

    “Let’s Go” deserves to be encouraged because it gives some 10 starlets a chance to strut their thespic stuff for viewers to like or sniff at. From the looks of it, some of the show’s relatively unknown performers have what it takes to eventually become young stars.

    This is an encouraging departure from usual TV practice, which is to load a show with as many star names as possible, leaving “mere” starlets very few opportunities to do any real acting.

    On “Let’s Go,” there aren’t any big stars around, so the lead starlets have the run of the show, and they make full use of the rare opportunity to impress and delight viewers.

    Last June 10, the episode focused on scenes set in a bar and dorm. On the negative side, the situations pretty much showed teenagers having a fun but vapid time, more concerned with looking fashionable than thinking straight and doing what’s right.

    More positively, however, the show came up with insights into teens who waste their time in nightly “gimmicks,” bully others into whining submission, and come to *****y and wrong conclusions about someone’s sexual orientation.

    “Let’s Go” is produced mainly to entertain teen viewers, but the occasional thematic points it makes are welcome. Let’s hope that the teen show sustains its engaging mix of fun and good sense in the months to come. That’s the way to go!

  • happysadakohappysadako freelancer T_T PExer
    ..err wrong thread ka ata...POSH dito hindi Let's Go..ehehehhe...
  • mommyjovitamommyjovita in despair! PExer
    ^Yup tama ka, parang narinig ko na yung boses na yan.
    Pero si Anne ang naisip ko nung unang kita ko sa kanya durng the pilot.

    Naalala ko itong show na ito during "Click" days.. Yung nandun si Dingdong.

    was dingdong ever included in click? ang alam ko c antoinette at wendell ang magkapartner dun sa mga first episodes e.

    sayang i haven't watched this, sa mga nabasa ko mukhang magugustuhan ko pa naman. pangit ang reception ng qtv sa amin e.
  • kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭
    wala si dingdong sa click.. si antoinette at wendell ang loveteam dun...
  • jammerakwaii10jammerakwaii10 SeeTheLight ✭✭✭✭
  • happysadakohappysadako freelancer T_T PExer
    hehe asteeg yung pic..
  • happyjam2380happyjam2380 Member PExer
    may episode guides na sa qtv. nandun na yung episodes 2 at 3. hehehe!!!
  • RyanEvansRyanEvans Bаnned by Admіn ✭✭
    ..err wrong thread ka ata...POSH dito hindi Let's Go..ehehehhe...
    yung POSH parang CLICK ata or sumthin'...iba ang story ng POSH eh...more on status in life ang ipo2rtray ng characters..like mga mahirap(ka-POSH sa pera) and mayaman(POSH) :D

    i like them both..kasi nasa tv shows na yan ang mga favorite teen stars
    ko...HAHAHAH :D


    pero ikaw nag popost sa lets go thread na about posh naman *peace*
  • happysadakohappysadako freelancer T_T PExer
    hmm.....i honestly posted that...but i just explained kung ano pagkakaiba nila ng Let's go..hindi yung katulad ng nagpost dito...article mismo...

    well..wala naman akong intention na makipag argue dahil lang diyan LOLZ...

    and hindi po one sided ang post ko..ok?..

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    Anung oras ba ito???????

    PArang Cute ni Gian dun sa Pic,feeling ko nahuhulog ng luob ko s kanya.
  • happysadakohappysadako freelancer T_T PExer
    hehe..hawig ni Gian si Mark Bautista hehehe!
  • I_aM_cHuMI_aM_cHuM ★ !c33 ★ PExer
    may thread na si princess violago sa subforum under celebrities..

    click this: *** Princess Violago: The "Posh" Gurl ***

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