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Hi Pexers!
Can anyone here help me find a good book about
World History?
A book that is concise but complete and with pictures :)
I am really interested in reading it and having it as part of
my library.
Please inform me if you know something about it and if ever you saw one in a bookstore you visits.
Thank you :)


  • I love to read history books. Or those that are not boring, anyway.

    I've always found those hardbound, Time-Life history books to be fascinating. They stick to the facts most of the time, & get to point quickly. They have a lot of pictures, & they are just so much fun to read.

    When I was in High School, I used to really love those books. Imagine my pleasant surprise, when I found that I could go & buy these at very reasonable prices, between P150-P300 at Book Sale outlets.

    I've been trying to buy at least one every payday, & have gotten some pretty good books covering topics from the American Indians, to WW2. Still hunting for more of them every 2 weeks or so.

    There's no one book that covers all, though. You have to go & buy them one topic at a time.

    If you like History & pictures, though, I think a better way to learn about it, would be to look for those historical documentaries from the Discovery & National Geographic channels. They are awesome, & makes TV viewing a great learning activity.

    There are a lot of titles currently available at the DVDs section of the www.amazon.com.
  • Thank you very much rhk111 for the info. :)
    Akala ko wala ng mag-rereply sa post ko hehehe
    I think it is advisable per topic ang bili ko para nga hindi masakit sa bulsa eheheh
    A good suggestion you have if I also look at the Discovery and National Geographic documentaries para d boring hehehe
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