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Ho-Ho-Hope you have a holly jolly holidays, PExers! 🎅

Simple Thank You from METEORA

I'm not really a big fan of posting threads. But I wanted to make
this an exception so I have something to look back someday.

Since I'll be going back home to California very soon, gusto ko lang mag
pasalamat sa mga taong nakilala ko personally kahit na short time lang.

I wanted to say my heartfelt simple thank you for these peepz sharing their precious time to meet me during my brief stay. Sayang I wasn't able to join some of your eb...maybe next time...7 yrs is such a long time so family/relatives took a higher priority.

In alphabetical order...
darnstuff and her non-pexer friend
queenie/queensk9??? (sounds like butter..kahit sandali lang ok na rin hehe)
uhlala and her 2 other non-pexer friends...
(uhlala, have a nice and safe trip going back...)

i hope i didn't missed anyone...

So once again.. thank you guys...I'll probably post again pag nakabalik na ko...
masyado nang hectic schedule ko eh...

You guys ROCK!

p.s. hey, if you happen to visit the bay area, california someday..
whether as tourist or working visa, don't be a stranger...
paramdam naman kayo, k?


  • just a few words. . .

    i hope we could spend sometime again. .


    Von Voyage
  • hey...what ever happened between you and samantha_jones?
  • meteora,

    you're one of the coolest and most sensible guys i found in Pex.

    even for a brief time, im happy to have met you.

    don't worry, i'll surely bang on your door when i get there.

    see you again, friend.

    (ay, wala pala tayong pic. :( )
  • i dont know if you have realized this, but i should say that you're the humblest person i've ever met.... considering your achievements... i guess you have more things to brag about...but you showed no sign of arrogance nor pride....

    everytime i throw abrupt questions at you... i realized that you always give safe answers.... safe answers that you know wont lead to any misinterpretation... and i must say that i appreciate that attitude....

    thanks for showing your real skin, friend!!!

    promise that i will still be here when you get back...

    nga pala... makulit ka sa mga posts mo.. bkit sa personal parang hindi???

    ingat po lague.......^_^
  • oo nga we saw your real skin grabe sunog na sunog tsk tsk tsk. sabi ko sayo pag nag swimming ka mag papayong ka eh ayan tuloy. . . di ka na rosy skin. . .
  • ^^hahaha!!! rosy skin ba tlga sya? hindi halata ah.....
  • dude.. balik ka dito ha.. *okay*
  • yup thank you sa milo. . . next time ako naman bibigyan kita ng kit-kat.
  • meteora .. you rock! mixed of a gentleman yet funny as in silly funny, highly accomplished yet modest, .. wholesome .. decent, has integrity, what you you say you do you will do. funny .. we did not really talk before you came here,but by chance we got the opportunity to meet na muntik nang pumalpak. honestly .. if i have a younger sister .. i will highly recommend you. at pwede ba don't wait for seven years before you come back here. at pakisabi na rin sa relatives mo .. next time kami namang ka-gimik mo ang aatupagin mo hahaha! it would be great kung matutuloy yun balak natin, next time tayo magkitakits-- mag outing tayo, at sana more of your pex friends can join us. I will surely be in touch with you.
  • hi guys... thank God I'm back home safe and sound. Grabe, it's past 2am Sunday morning here so it's obvious that I still have JET LAG problems. I tried to sleep but I can't...kahit na hindi ako nakatulog sa trip. Anyway, I just took this oppurtunity to thank you for all your comments. You're all awesome and i'll definitely keep in touch in any way i can.

    Pag naka adjust na ako sa time, balik ulit yung mga makulit na posts hahaha
  • adjust ka na... sooner the better... ahihi!!!

    well nice to know that you had a safe trip and we hope that you'd also have a safe trip back here... in what, 2 years time? i hope.... ahihihi!!
  • ^Yeah... grabe, nakaka home sick din pala hahahahahha
  • oist wag naman two years... me utang ako sa yong eb eh... hehehe...

    isa kang alamat. balik ka agad ha.
  • meteora wrote:
    ^Yeah... grabe, nakaka home sick din pala hahahahahha

    wag mo na kasi akong gano isipin :lol: :rotflmao:
  • oist wag naman two years... me utang ako sa yong eb eh... hehehe...

    isa kang alamat. balik ka agad ha.
    i can't promise anything pero try ko...
    yung mga pinsan ko kasi nagbabalak ng december 2007.... kung light yung projects namin, maybe i might join them sa vacation nila... gusto kasi nila sabay sabay din kami para talagang reunion.. yun nga lang i don't think i can get the same number of vac days.. but that's ok as long as we organize it properly. i'll keep you guys posted naman... basta keep in touch lang. :)
    anong time ba usually umuuwi si uhlala?
  • topnotch97topnotch97 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    teka ano bang nangyari? may swinger party ba? :lol:
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