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Art Journal Project

Anyone interested to participate in an art journal project? It will work this way. I will send a notebook to the 1st person who signs up. She can write, draw or do anything artistic to it. She will then send it to the next person. The last person will send it back to me. It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with. As a thank you, I will send scans to everyone who participates. I hope you guys will be interested. Thanks!


  • Sounds like fun, but I think passing the sketchbook around will be rather prohibitive... availability, location... how long the notebook stays with someone might be a factor as well... if it takes too long to make an entry... people waiting in line might lose interest... worse yet, the book may get lost in between people. I don't mean to be a wet blanket but methinks and art jam session would be more practical. Have everyone who's interested meet up ala EB then sketch and draw together... you can also use this as an avenue to revive the art club... just a few suggestions that might work better. I'm not against your idea though so if you really wanna do that then I don't mind contributing. :)
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