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The Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management VS The College of Education

Last April 28th, the Acting rector of UST has approved the separation of the Tourism and HRM programs from the College of Education.

In your opinion, what could be the possible problems that may arise from the sudden change?


  • naku, ang tagal na isyu na yan, finally nahiwalay din. 90's pa pinaguusapan na ngyn lng nadesisyunan.
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    nothing much.

    just a sudden surge of the population in a building.

    there are more positive things to look forward to rather than making those issues a big deal like you'll be majorly affected. don't be too pathetic to claim it as your own personal problem.
  • Besides the separation was already in process waay back in 2003, before I graduated...

    what's your problem with that, simplestud???
  • it was in process? From my point of view, it was waaaay too sudden. I've been hearing a lot from the student council recently. For the past month, they have been trying to compromise with the administration for a 1-year transition period. In the first place, it was approved on April 28th and it took the council nearly a month before to plan for all the activites involving both ITHM and educ.(the student council was informed a few weeks later) As for the orgs which had HRM & Tourism as members/officers, they were all surprised and confuse with the sudden change.

    If there was no transition period, wouldn't you think at least the administration would have made a formal announcement about such possible separation?
  • In 2002 the first ever ITHM general assembly was held at the Medicine Cinematorium, and ITHM faculty members have their own space set aside from the other Educ faculty...now if that was not a step in the process of separation...I dunno what is...

    ...And it should be an initiative of the student body to inquire of any changes since they know its been a pending issue... we do not have a magna carta for students so a cba is not an option... and the school is the higher power here...you have to follow what they say...regardless...

    afaik...dalawa lang naman ang recognized orgs for the HRM/Tourism student body....at parang nakakatawa namang di nila alam... baka di sila close kay Ma'm Tioc... :D
  • Ithm Rocks!
  • [k]jwan[k]jwan PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    enid_warren...i think i know you. i've seen you in ustex before...

    i agree with enid_warren, simplestud. i graduated 2005 and we already knew of the separation of ITHM from the College of Education. We were hoping that before we graduate, we'd be the first batch of graduates from the Institute.

    It's not a sudden move, in the first place, tourism and hospitality management should be seperate from the college of education. it's in no way related. that's why people thought that i wanted to become a teacher then whenever they see my uniform cos it's under the college of education.

    it's a welcome change... just accept it and let history take its course...

    i miss A.MAGNUS. :D
  • Wow, new Pautakan team in the making.

  • ITHM is Educ's great loss
  • bago na rin pala pati unifrom nila noh, tama ba?

    si justine ba yung nanalo na girl sa ibang bansa ay nag-aaral pa rin sa ust?
  • [k]jwan[k]jwan PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    OT: a few of the 26k girls came from Tourism. All of them became my classmate at one point or the other. (Chem100, BA100 and ACCTG1)
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