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Why never kill a martyr!

soon enough they will become the saviour/redeemer/hero/patriot for their martyrdom, they can change history, they become the rallying point big or small as the leader of their spirit .

Let us make a list of famous names in history that died as a martyr.

I'm sure, no one will argue with me who will be on the top..

Jesus Christ as the saviour of the Judea against Roman Occupier.

Jose Rizal- ala Uncle Tom's Cabin novel, helped fuel the civil war of north and south, stereotypes of black' slavery..

Ninoy Aquino- alam na ninyo iyun..

Giordano Bruno- martyr burn at stake for the free thinkers

research guyz..

kayo naman...

o.. si Neo of Matrix.. lol o sige , isama na din ninyo pati movies..


  • o baka naman magkaidea kayo niyan sa nangyayari sa pinas, you might find a cause and die for it.. eh wala na tayong death penalty.. tinanggal na.. lol!!
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