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The theoretical breakthrough is made possible by novel substances called metamaterials.

The structures refract, or bend, different types of electromagnetic radiation—such as radar, microwaves, or visible light—in ways natural substances can't.

"[Metamaterials] have the power to control light in an unprecedented way," said Sir John Pendry, a theoretical physicist at England's Imperial College London.

"They can actually keep it out of a volume of space, but they can do so without you noticing that there's been a local disturbance in the light."

The underlying idea, Pendry said, is that "you can take either rays of light or an electric field or a magnetic field, and you can move the field lines wherever you want."

"So in the specific instance of cloaking, you take the rays of light, and you just move them out of the area that you don't want them to go in. … Then you return them back to [their] original path."

Schurig likens the effect to a rock in a stream. The rock symbolizes a metamaterial cloaking shell. The water plays the role of electromagnetic radiation flowing around the cloaking shell.

"Downstream you can't necessarily tell that there was an object distorting the flow," he said, adding that, even from the side, the disturbance is hard to discern.

In theory, planes, tanks, cars, and even entire buildings could be concealed.

"There's no limit on what you put inside," Schurig said. "If you build a cloak with a certain hold volume, you can swap things in and out of there, and it doesn't matter what they are."

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  • Lucca Yamazaki
    Lucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die!
    Nice, now all we need is to get that technology and put it in the 4 or so tanks that the Philippine Army still has in service.

    Then we can finally massacre those imbeciles down south.
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