Paghahanapbuhay sa Singapura (SG)

yugayuga ituloy angsulong PExer
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Can anyone tell me how high is the cost of living in Singapore?

I'm considering an offer there any month soon but I don't know how much salary should I be asking. Mataas ba tax doon? How about rent and city expenses? Anything more that I should know before going there?

Ideas naman from you...


  • nixnix Administrator PExer
    I know that it is pretty expensive there. A friend from Singapore just told me three days ago that a Toyota Corolla there costs over 2 million pesos. Wow, that is expensive!
  • aticusaticus Laker fan for life ✭✭
    Yup. nix is right. It's very expensive to buy a car.

    Singapore has a number of laws that make it difficult to enjoy the same comforts you're used to in the Philippines (ex. cars, chewing gum, littering...). Cars, for instance, cost a mint because there are so many taxes to pay and permits to buy. Before you can even buy a car, you need to buy a PERMIT to buy a car. Funny, huh? Then the car itself is expensive.

    They also have a law which provides for a CPF, a Central Provident Fund, which means that you are forced to save a guaranteed percentage of your wages in a bank account for future emergencies and/or housing.

    I'll write more later, but right now I gotta go.
  • lupuSlupuS Mabuhay ang mga... PExer
    I don't have specific figures with me now, but:

    1) nix is correct about the price of cars. Singapore is one of the costliest places in the world to own a car. That's because aside from paying for the cost of the car (already heavily taxed), you have to pay for the privilege of owning a car (these entitlements are auctioned off by the government to the public). Singapore doesn't want a traffic problem, and the way they control this is by making cars very expensive to own.

    Public transport is good, though.

    2) The price of eveything else, though, is more or less "world market". Incomes, especially for IT and knowledge workers, are the highest in Asia.
  • makilingmakiling Member PExer
    why don't you email Orion one of the moderators here at [email protected] He is staying in Singapore now.
  • NoisyCricketNoisyCricket Filipino! PExer
    Never mind. Go to Singapore, man! How often do you get a chance to work abroad? Especially if you're not too satisfied with your work here.. I would love to work abroad..even for a short time!
  • aticusaticus Laker fan for life ✭✭
    Hey, Cricket... was that a hint??? :)

    Think about it this way, you'll be working for Canada, at least in spirit... hehehe...
  • NoisyCricketNoisyCricket Filipino! PExer
    Dude.. praning ka masyado.. Relax... easy chief... easy open can yan eh..! I was talking to YUGA! :lol:

    I don't want to leave the Pinas... yet..! heheheh!
  • yugayuga ituloy angsulong PExer
    thanx peeps!

    how about apartments or condo units? what're the ranges?

    i'll be working in IT so what do you think should be the salary range i am expecting for this?

    tell me more...
  • bagyoboybagyoboy Just do it! PExer
    The rental of a room at a government subsidised house will range between S$500 - 700, depending on how big is the house, whether you're allowed to use to kitchen for cooking, the location, etc.

    CPF is 20%, your employer also pays 14 or 16% to CPF. You can't touch the money until you leave Singapore for good.

  • SwatchSwatch Butt Boy! ✭✭
    Hi there Yuga!,

    I've been working in Singapore for almost three months now. I left my company in the Phils. (its a multi-national, above average salary, with car, etc.) bec. I think its about time to look for a new environment. Dami ngang nagtataka kung bakit pa ako umalis sa company ko eh samantalang ganda na raw ng kondisyon ko dun. I've been working in the Phils. for 8 yrs. already pero damn!, ang lakas ng pulitika lalo na sa mga mulit national companies. I felt I'm no longer growing career wise and technical wise. Although I had been very thankful to my former company dahil maski papano eh napadala ako sa US (where I earned a Multiple entry 10-year B1/B2 visa..maski papaano ok na..), went to different ASEAN countries, etc.

    man, If you want to work here, I recommend it's good but it's tough at first. Medyo mga frank mga tao dito. Siyempre mas OK pa rin to work with fellow pinoys. Masuwerte mga kakilala ko dito at marami silang pinoy sa work nila, some of them even have pinoy as their immediate boss. In my case, wala, Im the only pinoy in the group..although sa ibang dept. merong mga pinoy but then walang masyadong interfaces ang mga dept. namin kaya minsan ko lang din sila makausap. Iba talaga yung mismong colleague mo eh pinoy. May kakampi maski papaano. Singapore companies are very service oriented. They want the customers to be satisfied always. Dapat listo ka dito.

    Talking about the way of life and standard of living..normally pag bago ka dito..tendency mo is to compute or convert everything in pesos...a typical pagkain dito sa hawker centers (parang turo turo sa atin pero mas malinis at presentable) eh mga 4-5 dollars (convert mo sa pesos by multiplying 26+). Di ba mahal?...Tapos drinks mo pa na mga 1.20-1.50 ang price...Mahal din ang mga damit dito. Mas mura pa rin talaga sa HK at Pinas unless pag nag gragrand sale ang Giordano..mga old stock nila eh binebenta nila in gud condition...(halos pinoy lang nga ang nagpupunta..)

    Typical mga pinoys dito eh nagsheshare ng bahay. Karamihan, may tatlong bedrooms. In our case, apat kami sa bahay. Three bedrooms. Yung mga ibang kakilala namin, umaabot sila ng pito hanggang 8 sa bahay which is not very convenient na...gusto kasi nilang makatipid eh...We live in a condominium in the outskirt (mga 30 mins. north of the city). We are paying 1,700.00 dollars per month. I am alone in my room kaya ang ambag ko eh 500 dollars. Yung isa na nasa master's bedroom eh 650 ang bayad tapos yung isang room na may 2 guys sharing, eh 550 ang bayad nila...if u will convert it...syaks...malamang isang bahay na sa pinas ang katapat ng nirerentahan kong room. Oks naman sa condos kasi maganda ang mga facilities. Buhay mayaman ka...may big swimming pools sa baba, tennis courts, sauna, jacuzzi, squash courts at gym....

    Kung gusto mong HDB ka muna tumira..marami na ring HDB na nagsusulputan na may mga magagandang amenities..pero yung mga luma at existing eh...wala...kung gusto mong mag mag can always go to community centres nearby.2 dollars per entry...halos lahat ng place dito meron nun...very convenient...

    Kung ako ikaw....come to Singapore and experience something new...oks ang transpo..very convenient..hindi namimili ng pasahero ang mga taxi drivers..hindi nagbabaha..hindi masyadong malakas ang ulan...wala kasing bagyo dito eh...wala ring mapanukso dito...they are also very fashionable here..kaya maski outrageous ang dating mo..di ka nila each his own...

    sabihin mo lang sa akin kung magkano ang makukuha mo as salary and I will tell you kung Oks na yan para mabuhay ka dito ng matiwasay at makapag ipon...Ako balak ko kasi mga one to two year lang dito..stepping stone to US kung baga...

    totoo yung fact about the cars here...ang mahal dito..yung typical na Honda City diyan eh mga 400,000 ata...dito...mga 1.5 million yun..x3 ang halaga..then ang mahal pa ng mga road taxes nila dito..registration, license, etc..kaya pag may tsiokt ka dito na bago...bigatin ka na...

    CPF?..i think they already abolished this thing mga two yrs ago...hindi na applicable to sa mga foreign workers like us. Sayang nga eh..tskk..tskk...forced savings pa naman ito..hindi ko na naabutan ito..pero yung mga pinoy na nandito mga three yrs ago pa..naabutan nila ito at they are enjoying the benefits...

    oki lah?

  • lord eiralord eira Member PExer
    wag ka na duon, banyaga ang lugar na yun...
  • yugayuga ituloy angsulong PExer
    Kuya Swatch...

    Salamat po sa inyong payo at inside info. Malaking tulong po ito sa akin. So, would it be fair and good if my salary is somewhere between eight to ten Singaporean dollars? I'm gonna work for a telecoms company dyan pero web development and field ko. They also told me that most of the time daw, ako daw lahat gagawa: programming and front-end.

    Kung saka-sakali po bang matuloy ako dyan mga December or early January, patulong po ako sa inyo mag look around ng matitirhan at baka me kontak or kakila po kayo dyan.

    Medyo kalma na ako ngayon... samalat po uli!

  • aticusaticus Laker fan for life ✭✭
    Yuga, just to add something about the city (country) itself...

    I've been to Singapore at least seven or eight times, and I love the country. The cleanest city in the world. Great transportation system. State-of-the-art electronics and computer facilities. Wonderful food...

    I personally think that some of the "negatives" about Singapore are positives in my book. I like working hard. I like being part of a team that does real, pressure-packed work. There's no other kind that builds that kind of job satisfaction. If you're part of some companies here that have endless coffee breaks, plus no real earning potential therefore no serious growth potential, you'll see a big, big difference.

    You can be yelled at. You will be questioned. Your work will be placed under scrutiny. But frankly, if you take pride in your work, you shouldn't have to worry about this. And besides, if you're planning to work in other countries (like the US) you can't expect to be coddled all your working career. This is the kind of pressure that builds character. (Besides, your resume will look a lot better if you have international work experience, even if you decide to return to the Philippines...)

    The ultimate decision is up to you, but as long as you're looking at this as a potential challenge, I think you'll do great. Just don't expect to ever litter again... :)
  • SwatchSwatch Butt Boy! ✭✭

    Nagmukhang matanda naman ako sa iyo niyan..heheheh..OKs lang sanay naman akong tawagin na Kuya ng iba....pero..I dont look old...mukhang bata ako eh...

    Regarding the salary...I'm not sure if you committed a mistake...what you mean was 8 to 10 thousand singapore dollars ba? Man, that's too high!...ewan ko kung makakakuha ka ng ganyan na salary dito for a start...the minimum salary that u can ask is around 3,000 sing dollars...which is around 80,000.00 to be able to survive here..then marami ka pang ipon kung medyo matipid ka at hindi ka maluho..everything in Singapore is expensive...mura lang dito eh mga electronics appliances and computers/peripherals...

    If you are definite in your plans to go here..and you accepted the offer...just email me...OK?..ipapapahanap kita ng matitirhan...normally referrals ang nangyayari dito...medyo malaki na rin ang filipino community dito..hindi ka malulungkot..

    Anyway..I have one last question, will you be directly hired from there? Or you will be hired by a Singaporean employment agency (which is normally the setup here). Will you be working with Singtel?
  • yugayuga ituloy angsulong PExer

    Yes, it would have been SingTel. Sa muli, salamat po sa inyong mga payo. It has been very helpful of you.

    Aasahan ko po ang inyong tulong kung saka-sakaling matuloy po ako.


  • qwerty78qwerty78 GenjoSanzo PExer
    Originally posted by yuga

    Yes, it would have been SingTel. Sa muli, salamat po sa inyong mga payo. It has been very helpful of you.

    Aasahan ko po ang inyong tulong kung saka-sakaling matuloy po ako.


    psst, good luck sa iyo ha. :D
  • SwatchSwatch Butt Boy! ✭✭

    Walang anuman....pero...from what I know ..barat magpa suweldo ang Singtel be cautious about their bargaining power..baka mabarat ka....payo lang...pero dont ask naman ng napakataas....yung tama lang...
  • yugayuga ituloy angsulong PExer
    I'll put that in mind...
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    well my only comment... so near the Philippines yet so different...
  • TwiztedMyndTwiztedMynd Member PExer
    :) Hi Folks,

    Not sure if this will be the best forum, anyway, just point me to the correct one if this is not.

    A friend of mine is asking me some information regarding working conditions in Singapore. He is a system administrator and he is current being offerred a job on this city state.

    Questions: :confused:
    1. How much is the salary range for system admins (Unix/Windows) there?
    2. What are the pros in working there?
    3. Any site/s where we can look into FAQ's on being a Filipino expat in Singapore?

    Your advise will be highly appreciated!

    TwiztedMynd :silly:

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