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on filing a paternity case, help!! tnx..

peepz.. all i want lng nman is my baby's father's signature on his birth certificate. kaya lng, eversince, he denied that he's d father of my kid. help naman poh.. wat am i gonna do pra lng mapirmahan birth certificate ng bata. i swear i will not ask for financial support.. ok ba ung dna test? but wat if di sha pumayag, can i file a paternity case against him? thanx a lot!! tc..:depressed:


  • DaNa8
    DaNa8 certified mommy
    Why are you forcing him to sign your baby's birth certificate? You don't even plan to ask financial support from him, so it's nonsense. Someday, you might regret declaring him as your child's father especially when you go abroad and you need him to sign the travel clearance but can't find him anywhere.
  • Sweetkay
    Sweetkay looking for my next mistake
    what's the point of getting him to sign? you wnat your baby to use his last name? he doesn't even want the baby .. .you don't deserve to be rejected and the baby definitely does not deserve it either ... move on ... hayaan mo siya ... its his lost ...
  • purpleheadd07
    purpleheadd07 Babae po ako
    ^^ ditto. u don't have to have him sign it, what for??? hayy, don't push it, it's never worth it. and i heard a dna test is expensive. take care of yourself and your baby more. stop running after someone even if it's just his seemingly precious signature.
  • avonlea
    avonlea Moderator
    yup... use your energy on yourself and your baby...
  • thanx for ur replies, i really appreciate it.. it's not ac2ly me who wants his signature, it's my mom.. she just keeps on pressuring me..
  • purpleheadd07
    purpleheadd07 Babae po ako
    ^^ so what have you decided? i know that our parents only want the best for us but sometimes we have to stand up on our own too. baliktad nman mom ko, ayaw nya ng signature nor ilagay ang name dad ng bebi ko on his birth cert. at least daw walang habol kung anuman mangyari.
  • fork
    fork PartSunshine.PartTornado
    let's face it, there's a value in having the father's signature on a child's birth certificate, even if the baby is illegimitimate and the mother has no intentions of demanding support. nalagay din ako sa ganyang sitwasyon noon. Same as you rockfaerie. the guy didnt want anything to do with us.

    Eventually, i just had to let it go, deciding it was not worth it. In fact, I am so convinced that having him completely out of the picture can even be for the best.
  • DaNa8
    DaNa8 certified mommy
    What value? I don't think that's true when the father doesn't want anything to do with the kid. It's best for both mom and baby for the father to be out of the picture.
  • MaiKa
    MaiKa single mom
    rock_faerie, i agree with all the points raised by everyone here. ako din, the father of my baby doesn't want to have anything to do with us and in fact wala na kaming communication. although they never pressured me, i know my parents wanted my child to be born na hindi "unknown" ang nakalagay na info on the father sa birth certificate nya. pero i chose not to chase after the father kasi it might be more stressful lang both for me and my baby. i cannot deny na sometimes i wish my child could have a father pero kung masama lang din ang ugali ng tatay, it will be more harmful for him in the long run. basta importante happy kayo ng baby mo and that he'll grow up in a healthy and secure environment.

    so stand your ground with your parents. kung totoong sila lang ang may gusto na mag-sign yung father, ipaliwanag mo sa kanila yung reasons mo sa hindi paghabol. good luck!
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