[MERGED] Irregular / delayed period........ need help..

what causes irregular periods? Sometimes I go for months without having a period. How can I make my period regular?


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Pretty hard to say, without any other data. How old are you? At what age did you start getting your period? Has your subsequent periods ever been normal before you started missing your period? What is the interval between menses? Do you have other symptoms except for long, menses-less months? Are you dieting or in some form of stressful environment?
  • chrissachrissa Member PExer
    I'm 18, I started my period when I was 11 years old. The longest interval between periods I think was 8 months. Right now, I'm missing 3 cycles already. I'm not dieting. I actually eat a lot though I don't get fat. I'm still a little underweight. Well, I cant' say I'm in a stressful environment. As far as I know, my sisters have regular periods. Ako lang. Nakakatakot nga eh. I'm not sexually active, I'm not taking in anything (no medications whatsoever). What do you think?
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    You have what is called oligomenorrhea, which is a pattern of abnormal bleeding characterized by irregular, infrequent episodes of menstrual bleeding occuring at intervals longer than 40 days. At your age, it is pretty hard to pinpoint where exactly the problem is. Usual causes for adolescents are immature hypothalamus, inadequate ovarian function, and nutritional problems. However, other problems which may cause oligomenorrhea include problems in the pituitary gland, cervix, problems in nervous system, metabolism, congenital problems--the list goes on. Your menstrual pattern is not normal if you have periods of no bleeding lasting for 8 months. Go see a gynecologist so that you can be worked up to see where the problem lies. Occassionally, oligomenorrhea patients may need hormones to regulate their flow.
  • QueelaGrlQueelaGrl Member PExer
    well, this isn't about irregular periods but it's about periods nonetheless. i'm just lazy to post a new topic. :D anyways... just wanna ask if there are any symptoms before your period comes. Like what do u feel and stuff like that. Like how would u know if ur monthly bestfriend is about to come... just asking!
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    It varies. Some females don't feel a thing, while others develop bloating, grouchiness, food craving, abdominal pain, etc. etc. There's really no single symptom common among females that will tell you that you're about to get your period soon.
  • WildFire21WildFire21 Member PExer
    Hi! I also have irregular period and the last time I had my period was March. My period usually lasts for 3-4 days only and sometimes, only blood spots appears then thats it. I always experience dysmenorrhea for the first 2 days. I spend these 2 days in bed and because of the pain, I take painkillers which seldom help. Sometimes, I vomit and experience headache. Is this normal? By the way, Im 21 and I had my first period when I was already 15. I don't diet nor am I in any stressful environment.. Like chrissa, I eat much (except when I am not feeling well, that is) but I don't get fat- Im actually underweight. My sister has a normal menstruation also. Can you help doc Ira?
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Wildfire21: If your dysmenorrhea is severe enough that you cannot function normally, I suggest that you consult an ob-gyne. The type of period you have can be normal, but without a thorough physical exam, it's very hard to say. What the ob-gyne can do is to rule out any possibility of you having any anatomic or physiologic problems, and prescribe you some medications which can normalize your menstrual flow.
  • WildFire21WildFire21 Member PExer

    Doc Ira thanks for the reply.
    What did you mean by "anatomic or physiologic problems"? What for example?
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    "Anatomic or physiologic problems" just means that the ob-gyne has to rule out any physical problems in your gynecologic tract. There are a lot of causes of oligomenorrhea, like anovulatory bleeding (usually this is seen in teenagers), weight loss, stress, high prolactin levels, anemia, etc. Frequently, no cause is found, so the ob-gyne will just prescribe you hormone pills so your period will be regulated.
  • one_big_fight!one_big_fight! Member PExer
    Doc Ira, can periods go up to more than 30 days interval? I read in a medical book that periods normally start and end in 26-30 days. Thanks!

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  • ms praningms praning da diva PExer
    doc ira:

    i havent gotten my period yet and its been 30+ days na. i havent had something like this ever. i am quite sexually active but only to a certain extent lang. actually, i still am a virgin. my bf and i nearly had sex but we never got to the point that i took my panties off. in short, we never had intercourse.
    i am afraid that maybe i am pregnant that's why i am not getting my period.
    i only gave him bj but that will not make me pregnant right? i was wondering if in case some "pre-cum" got to my "wetness", will it seep thru my undies to enter my reproductive system? the precum my bf had was very little lang. i am not even sure if it ever got to my undies. i was just assuming it did.
    but in case, am i in danger? i dont want to get pregnant. my parents will disown me if i did. pls help me, doc!
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    one_big_fight!: Yes, it is possible to exceed a 30 day interval, and it doesn't necessarily indicate any serious physical illness. Relax.

    ms praning: It is impossible to get pregnant if there is no semen entry or penetration into the vaginal canal. A ***** does not do that. I doubt that your boyfriend's sperm was able to penetrate through your undies, either. If you're really worried about it, I strongly suggest that you buy a home pregnancy test kit in any drugstore--they're private, inexpensive, accurate, and I think it will ease your mind more than any assurance I give that you cannot get pregnant with a mere *****. I would also suggest that you seek consult with an ob-gyne who can start you on contraceptives if you choose to be sexually active, since I assume you are not at a stage where you are ready to be responsible for any consequences sex may bring.
  • ms praningms praning da diva PExer
    that's nice to know, doc ira! :)
    thank you so much!

    can i take the pregnancy test kit na ba? diba u can take it lang when 3 days after missed period? thanks again!

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  • ms praningms praning da diva PExer
    doc ira:

    here's another thing. i don't know if this will be a better sign of a forecoming period, but, i get discharge, itchy boobs, pimples, bruises which aren't painful. all of these are usually signs of my forecoming period naman.

    but what concerns me is that 31st day ko today. sabi mo naman na possible rin yung magka-period na lampas 30 days.

    i'm getting worried.

    i also saw from some site (i forgot which) na pregnancy and getting a period exhibit the same symptoms. any truth to this?

    i'm getting scared. i pray na di ako buntis... :(

    btw, what are the other symptoms of both pregnancy and getting a period? thanks!
  • ms praningms praning da diva PExer
    doc ira, pls answer my question... hanggang ngayon wala pa period ko... :( kinakabahan na ko...
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    The symptoms of pregnancy that you're asking me to cite are "presumptive signs", meaning, it's not really specific for pregnancy, anyway. If I tell you what they are, you're just going to worry needlessly about it. The only way to know privately is to buy a pregnancy kit. As I've said, it's accurate, and if you really are pregnant, it will be accurate by now. They're relatively inexpensive, so I urge you to buy one for your peace of mind.
  • AngeliQAngeliQ Member PExer
    hey ira, my period just got a bit weird. normally i'd last up to 7 days and there's plenty blood on the 1st day. now i just had spots on my 1st day and i only lasted 4 days using pantiliners. in other words, the blood wasn't so many. is this natural?
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    How old are you, at what age did your period come, what medications are you taking, are you sexually active, are you dieting or under a lot of stress, and are there other symptoms?

    It's hard to say if it's normal since it has occured only once. Stress, diet, medications, illness, and other physiologic body changes may alter your menses. Wait for the next period, and if it persists on your next cycle, you should probably consult an ob-gyne.
  • ms praningms praning da diva PExer
    doc ira:
    i think i got my period na, but the thing is, it was so konti. i remember, it was just like AngeliQ's. it lasted noly 4 days and had resorted to only pantyliners coz it was so konti. is this good or bad, with regards to my history, as i have said in posts above?
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    Calypso: Midol PMS caplets contain 500 mg acetaminophen, 25 mg pamabrom (a mild diuretic to treat bloating), and 15 mg pyrilamine maleate (a sedating antihistamine and menstrual analgesic). It eases the symptoms of cramps, bloating, water-weight gain, headaches and backaches associated with PMS. All ingredients are safe, but both pamabron and pyrilamine have not been proven effective against cramps, although they may relieve other symptoms associated with menstrual pain.

    Midol Menstrual Caplets contain 500 mg acetaminophen, 60 mg caffeine, and 15 mg pyrilamine maleate, and relieves the symptoms covered by the PMS caplets, plus muscle aches and fatigue. The main difference is the caffeine--the caffeine perks you up and relieves the fatigue. I think basically both pills are the same. You can just take the Midol menstrual caplets and it will more or less do the same job the PMS caplets do.

    ms praning: Did you buy a pregnancy test kit? Stress really affects your menstrual flow. If you're not pregnant and you don't feel any cramps nor any other symptoms, relax first and see how your next month's period goes.

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