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The Ka Puso CODE:20-32-19-28-21-8-18-28-26-11-26-8-15-8-16-20-9-8-23-27-8-28-21-8-22

whytewhyte Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Uxfouz tjy mfuufs ibt uif bmqibcfu
Cvu xiz jt uifsf b uxfouz boe tfwfo
Ublf bxbz HNBt gbnpvt ovncfs
Boe cf b xpsuiz Lbqvtp nfncfs


To decode the thread title, solve the riddle.
To understand the riddle use,

Cash Are Price

The Ka Puso Code

:hmm: bakit nawala yung thread ko naginawa kahapon?


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