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kunwa-kunwarian lang

ei ... :confused:

ive been exchanging thoughts with this guy i have yet to meet face to face.

we've been talkin on the phone for a couple of months and i can say na we've progressed to being friends. we challenge each others sensibilities and stuff.

then he came up with this idea of a virtual relationship (VR)

amazingly, i agreed to it. it was safe, less BS, and we're having fun.

i dont know, but he seemed sincere about it.

but even before the (VR) came about, ive been infatuated with the fantasy he's playing into. and im quite scared that this VR eats me alive.

and i cant bring myself to accept this openly coz i know where i stand. he doesnt want to get into any same sex relationship (though he admits he's not so str8). im not his type, in every sense of the word. and im merely he's meantime person. once he has a girlfriend again, the VR dies.

am i asking for too much out of it? am i expecting too much?

i cant focus. he's all i can think. sometimes i stop and sit still .... just waiting for him to call my attention. i anticipate every "meantime" na masoso-solo ko siya.

he amazes me. even surprises me at times.

i dont know what to do, guys ...

i just wanna hear what you think ...


  • :walkman2: bakit di na lang totohanin ang lahat? . . .
  • kunyari magsusulat ako..hehehhee ay wag na lang..kunyari lang e.
  • 24242424 PExer
    baka naman ginagawa ka lang niyang palipasan ng oras?sino ba naman ang taong matino na gagawa ng "virtual relationship"? im sure walang magawang matino sa bahay ang taong iyan. baka naman magkaroon din kayo ng virtual wedding at virtual family??aba!!hindi na tama iyon..tapos magpaparinig pa siya na hindi siya straight??e anung gusto niyang palabasin?kalokohan lamang iyan..isang kalokohan ng lalakeng iyan!! im sure walang social life yung lalakeng iyan!!
  • ^ouch! that hurts....
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