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the Hallucinating experience

ever tried shrooms or magic mushrooms? i'm a bit confused on where to post this topic but, here i am. i saw a similiar thread "the psyche of smokers".

so... please share your experiences with hallucinogens. may be it herbal or chemical...

i was inspired to experience mushrooms since i visited this site.


don't forget to read the trip reports.


  • neoreo09
    neoreo09 User Novice
    have you ever watched matrix? the first one?

    from my experience, it's like taking the pill Neo did. you're awaken in an eternal world. but this world i'm talking about is about vivid colours and kaleidoscopes. i used to hate hippies with tie-dyed shirts, but know, i'm starting to realize i do have something in common. nature, nature, and i'm loving every bit of it... especially rain.

    taking these good drugs are just like taking pot, space cakes, and other feel good drugs. thank God for these free gifts.
  • the Hallucinating experience

    based on studies, the cause is the lost of oxygen in the brain, maybe its like a electronic toy, before it runs out of battery, it will malfuction before it finally stop....
  • rickym
    rickym Member
    i was able to skim this book before by timothy leary the title was something like "psychedelic tibetan book of the dead".

    it was stating that people with near death experiences were similar to that of psychedelic experiences and those that were into certain types of meditation. and it was also similar to the book 'tibetan book of the dead'

    i have also heard of some psychics say that psychedelics was one way towards psychism.

    all the experiences seem to show that there is a world out there aside from our material existence and they seem to show that the trip, whether good or bad is based on the mental status of the person. if he has a lot of hangups he has a bad trip, if not, he has a good trip.

    surprisingly i read somewhere, i'm not sure if it in the same book that catholicism has gotten it upside down. the events during the event were in reverse.
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