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water for infant formula

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mga mommy ano gamit nyo na water pang timlpa ng milk ni baby? boiled tap water? mineral water? distilled water? ano recommended nyo na water? thanks


  • DaNa8
    DaNa8 certified mommy
    We used to use boiled tap water when my son was below 1 yr old. Now, we just use water from a purifier.
  • I've been using both boiled water and distilled water for almost two years now. I think distilled water is also safe for infant's formula. wilkins is ok.
  • MaiKa
    MaiKa single mom
    i breastfeed but in case he needs to have formula, we use dr. edwards sterilized water (the flouridated one kasi he's teething na). sobrang convenient sya kasi no preparation needed, pagkatimpla mo you just screw on the cap and nipple directly sa bottle. they deliver pa and may rebate sa bottles next time you order.
  • purified water is fine. just make sure that it comes from a reputable store.
  • slowjamz21
    slowjamz21 Westeria Lane™
    when they were babies, I gave 'em BeechNut bottled water with added flouride.
  • We started with Dr. Edwards then shifted to Wilkins. Our pedia recommended either boiled purified or boiled mineral water so we will use that soon.
  • princess_bubup
    princess_bubup -My Everything-
    boiled purified and boiled mineral water for my little princess...

    kapag nasa biyahe, wilkins po... :)
  • sweetwahm
    sweetwahm Just Another PExer
    we've only used distilled water ever since for isaac, either wilkins or absolute.
  • asulle
    asulle Boyce Avenue FTW!
    ^ wilkins and absolute distilled water for jaden din..pagbumibiyahe mas ok dr.edwards.. cap and nipples ok na ;)
  • We use boiled tap water.
  • i use distilled water for my baby, so it's either wilkins or absolute :)
  • sweetwahm
    sweetwahm Just Another PExer
    we once tried this new distilled water ... PED water, i think. my pedia introduced it when i told my pedia that isaac didnt like to drink water. my baby was still about 1 month old then. she gave us a sample bottle, mas "sweet" daw ang taste. ok naman, kaya lang hindi naging available kaagad dito sa amin eh, so wilkins and absolute talaga.
  • Sweetkay
    Sweetkay looking for my next mistake
    Wilkins po.
  • moonster
    moonster My LiL bEaR
    til when/what age ba kailangan naka distilled ang baby? kelan pwede yung purified nalang?

    Ano po yung Dr. Edwards? wer can u buy one tsaka how much? hmmm..
  • purpleheadd07
    purpleheadd07 Babae po ako
    boiled tap water lang. matakaw Xan ko kahit boiled water lang pinapatos lalo na pag gutom.:D
  • purpleheadd07
    purpleheadd07 Babae po ako
    sowi double post. :bashful:
  • cmars2
    cmars2 Wounded but Standing
    dati boiled tap water iniinom ng baby ko. ngayon tap water na lang talaga.
  • gud am :wave: gamit ko Dr. Edwards Distilled Water para sa baby ko recommended ng Pedia nya. You could buy this at Mercury Drug Stores, i dont know if other supermarkets have this kind of distilled water. Pag mineral water naman, i make sure na pinakuluan pa rin bago ipan timpla sa milk ng baby ko... HHHHHHayyyyyyyy ang sensitive talaga pag baby ang i-feed mo. But its ok as long as alam mo na safe ang baby, right mommiesss??? :)
  • purpleheadd07
    purpleheadd07 Babae po ako
    boiled tap o kaya purified water ok na yun esp pag medyo malaki na si bebi. kahit pano klangan din sya expose sa ibang germs para d maging sobrang maselan si bebi ;)
  • skyz
    skyz Member
    Wilkins for my baby Sam :)
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