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PBB Teen Edition: GERALD & KIM - We Could Be In Love [Part 1]


We Could Be In Love
Lea Salonga & Brad Kane

Be still my heart
Lately its mind is on its own
It would go far and wide
Just to be near you

Even the stars
Shine a bit bright I've noticed
When you're close to me
Still it remains a mystery

Anyone who's seen us
Knows what's going on between us
It doesn't take a genius
To read between the lines

And its not just wishful thinking
Or only me whos dreaming
iIknow what these are symptoms of
We could be in love

I ask myself why
I sleep like a baby through the night
Maybe it helps to know
You'll be there tomorrow

Don't open my eyes
I'll wake from the spell I'm under
Makes me wonder how
Tell me how I could live without you now

And what about the laughter
The happy ever after
Like voices of sweet angels
Are calling out our names

All my life I have dreamed of this but I could not see your face
Dont ask why two such distant stars can fall right into place

Oh it doesnt take a genius
To know what these are symptoms of...
We could be
We could be
We could be in love
Could be in...
We could be in love


    1. paoulo18--- wow grabeh!! sobrang bagay ang dalwang ito.>!!!!ambisoy at chinese cutie!!!!!!
    2. gace80mary - love ko silang 2. Pareho silang cute at magaling sumayaw!
    3. tfc_solid --- top 4 ko mga natural: gerald, kim, matt, brenda? hehe!!!
    4. xylocke-- pasali naman!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. maylunasy -- sparks fly..
    6. mariecutie ---mas bagay po sila, guapo at maganda!
    7. AnMaRiE
    yes bagay! parehong bisaya na half-half!!!
    8. CHIKADORA_blog - cute + cute = super cute!!!
    9. dreamy_damsel --- SUPER BAGAY silang dalawa.... mas ok si Kim with Gerald kesa kay Mikee.... Pretty Chinese and Hot Amboy
    10. pink_eyes --- GO! ako dito...mas kilig ako sa kanila...
    11. pudgy4lyf
    12. gyelle - mykim at kimerald. go kim!
    13. leikela_joy
    14. oozbao
    15. caddoperatordaw (caddy for short) - kakainggit sila..sna aq nlng gerald!!
    16. |{ristine
    17. lookharet
    18. jane_20
    19. iryx
    20. jose1980 - pero okay rin kahit love triangle with mikee!
    21. erica96 - super love namin sila..kaya kahit konting moments lang ..eh nagbubunyi na kaming lahat sa bahay!!!
    22. joy_2974
    23. princess_sarah12878
    24. migs_abc
    25. batuts
    26. pachiz
    27. d3Xt3Rz
    28. tschaiako07
    29. mykel angelo
    30. sAndY101
    31. jamesdin
    32. LakingDos - bisdak forever!!!
    33. ting34
    34. cybermyx
    35. blitz_krieg
    36. camoLLe
    37. thrinity_z: i like kim and gerald goofing around, but still i like mikee (individually)
    38. pbbfantic
    39. winged >>> first time kong sumali sa mga ganito! malala na to! wah!
    40. jonts - love ko si kim!!! whoever she's paired with OK AKO! haha! pero infernez, SUPER KILIG GERKIM!!!!!
    41. damnright - kasi wala lang talaga nung una. then paunti-unting nagbloom. parang bulaklak
  • oi, meron na pala nito...ang cute ng banner leikela...
  • zkmlic.jpg


    c/o oozbao
  • :wave: maylunasy! Hehe. Thanks. :D
  • zkocnm.jpg


    c/o oozbao
  • kimerald4.jpg

  • Gerald and Kim washing dishes...*laughtrip*


    Uyyyyy...:bounce2: :bounce2:
  • zkmlic.jpg

    kakaiba na talaga yung mga tinginan nila ha...:love:
  • :wave: Joycie! :D

    c/o pudgy4lyf
  • sali niyo rin yung pic na pinunasan ni gerald si kim:D .. sana naman may ibang camera angle d b? mas nicer ata yung sa 24/7 feed..
  • zkh4z5.jpg
    c/o Lookilu
  • ai ayun na pala.. hehe..
  • Hehehe. Yeah, there should be different angles of that pic. Hahaha.

    c/o oozbao
    kim: lagot ka nagnanakaw ka ng pansit!! hindi yan sa yo...(sabay dampot ng pansit from gerald's fork)

    gerald: (offers pansit to kim and fred) fred o....pagagalitan ako...

    kim: bilisan mo na....bilisan mo na...kainin mo na! :lol:
  • zkh5wh.jpg
    c/o the_tv_ripper
  • zkhcgh.jpgzkhduu.jpg
    c/o Lookilu
  • zkijon.jpgzkikaf.jpg
    c/o Lookilu
  • zkiqf4.jpg
    c/o Lookilu
  • kimerald4.jpg


    c/o pudgy4lyf
  • Hehehe. Yeah, there should be different angles of that pic. Hahaha.

    i know.. i kind of held my breath at that moment..medyo na-shock..hehe.. kasi i half expected na bigyan niya lang si kim ng tissue.. pero yun ang ginawa niya.. aww how sweet..:love:
  • bakit b ganyan, si kim ang kusang lumalapit kay gerald..heheh *pretendstobe clueless*hee..
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