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Letran's imminent shift to Trimestral System

My professor in Theology 7 had slipped while we are in Lecture that The Beloved Colegio is planning to shift into Trimestral System.

The said shift would be easy for the Colegio since the Graduate School is already in Trimestral System.

Note: The Doctorate Program of the Colegio is in a Quartermester System like in Mapua.

Do you think the shift will do Letran good?

Both Cambridge Univesity and University of Oxford, Top 2 and 3 respectively in world rankings of schools offer trimestral system. Harvard University Top 1 in the world is in a regular semester.

For me, the success depends on how the Colegio implements the system. A regular semester will suffice if the implementation is good. The Colegio could squeeze out the advanatages of a trimestral system, also, if it is implemented accordingly and systematically.


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