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Love Letter To My Child

i'm all yours
i'm all yours, are you mine too?
i am sure you have composed a poem, a letter, or a journal for your little one.

post it here. show the world how much love overflows in your heart for your child.


  • i'm all yours
    i'm all yours, are you mine too?
    Let me start--

    I love the way your sweet little eyes look at me.

    I love the way you smile.

    I love the way you embrace me and rest your head on my shoulders.

    I love the way you hold my hand as we walk together.

    I love the way you laugh at innocent things.

    I love watching you sleep beside me.

    I love the way you demand for my attention.

    I love it when goof around and do silly things together.

    I love it when you sing with me, and dance with me, then finally hold me close when you get tired.

    I love it when you come to me crying, and ask to be soothed.

    I love it when you talk, though I hardly understand you.

    I love your sweet kisses.

    I love it when your eyes brighten up when you hear something new.

    I love it when fall asleep in my arms.

    I love to see you run around and laughing as heartily as you can.

    I love it when you say good night.

    I love it when you ask to be dressed up.

    I love it when you say sorry.

    I love the way you say “I love you”.

    I love you, baby

    You are my everything…

    You are my love, my life, my sweetest thing.

    ~march 30, 2006
  • tina11
    tina11 Member
    Dear Annika,

    2005 was a tumultuous year for your parents. We pulled up our lives by the roots. We resigned from our jobs. We moved to a new country, leaving behind things we had collected through the years and loved - my book collection, your Pappa's computer which he even has a nickname for - and people we had known all our lives.

    But in 2006, our lives changed even more dramatically. You were born.

    I became a basket case, crying when I couldn't get you to go to sleep, crying when your grandmother left to go back to the Philippines. I never told anyone this, but one night when your Pappa and Lola were out attending Sunday Mass I watched you sleep in my arms and cried because I realized after this moment passed, I would never have it again - you were growing bigger day by day, learning new things and becoming your own person. You need us right now for the most basic things - to rock you to sleep, to feed you and bathe you and choose the clothes that you'll wear for the day. But one day very soon you'll be able to do all those things by yourself and much as I will be relieved at the prospect of more sleep, I'll probably cry because I'll never be able to hold little baby Annika in my arms again. You've turned stubborn, headstrong, and hot-headed me into a soft and sentimental mushball.

    Pappa became overly protective, declaring that he would use his power tools to scare away your suitors. I'm afraid that one day you will come home and tell us that your playmate at day care kissed you on the cheek and your father will react by purchasing a handgun and hunting down the unfortunate boy. Your normally calm, peaceful father is now violent and ruled by his testosterone and instincts to protect his family! Kidding aside, he's a lot more serious about the future now. And whenever he makes a decision - whether it's a small one such as when to schedule our laundry day or a big one like purchasing a home - he thinks of you and your needs.

    Last Saturday you turned 3 months old. We didn't celebrate it with cake or confetti, but we just went about our usual business quietly and happily. That's the kind of people your Pappa and I are. To be honest, one of the reasons we didn't get married in a church was because I just didn't want to have a big, elaborate church wedding. Some people enjoy the process of ordering flowers, dreaming up cake and dress designs, visiting possible reception venues, and finally hosting a mass and dinner for all their friends and relatives. I don't, and I don't know why... maybe because I'm camera shy and dread being the center of attention? Your dad and I usually celebrate anniversaries and holidays at home, without presents or any fanfare. We've never had a wedding, but we have a marriage - a good, solid one built on communication and respect for each other. I hope that this, our marriage, serves as a rock-hard foundation of your and your siblings' views on relationships and life... something that you can rely on never to change, all throughout your lives.

    April 4, 2006
  • DaNa8
    DaNa8 certified mommy
    Freeze moment: I love your smell in the morning and the warmth your body gives me when we hug. I turned to you and asked for a kiss but instead you rubbed your nose on mine. I nibbled on your ear and you gave out your first smile that day.
  • purpleheadd07
    purpleheadd07 Babae po ako
    elow po bb,2 mnts ka na po tapos ka na rin po
    binyagan,dami ako hnd nakikita sayo,hnd ko pa
    naranasan na kargahin ka makipag laro sayo or
    kahit pic palang kita nakikita kaya sabik na
    sabik ako sayo.pag nagkita tyo hnd kita
    titigilan,,,heheheheeh....sensya ka na po kay dadi
    ha,wala po kwenta dadi mo eh,hnd man lang
    makagawa paraan para magkita kayo.hnd ko nga
    po alam kung magkikita ba tyo o talagang
    hanggang pic nalang ako,kasalanan ko din po to
    bb eh,i never been a good ko po
    kyo ni mami,luking 4ward to see u,sabik na ko
    alagaan ka,sana nga jan ako habang lumalaki ka
    eh,turuan kita mag bike,basketball,tex,tapos
    jolen,hehehe galing dadi dati jolen nun bata ako:d
    pero pag dating sa math kay mami ka na paturo
    ha:D tapos ako din tuturo sayo pano mag
    lakad,may nakita ako sa mall na sapatos eh,bili
    dapat kita kaya lang liit ka pa eh,at hnd ko nga
    alam sukat paa mo:( hnd fin kita mabilihan damit
    kasi hnd ko alam gano ka na kalaki eh,(dami
    talaga hnd alam dadi) pero ganda mga smile
    mo,mana ka dadi.killer smile:))
    luv u so much bb,always be a good boy ha,u take
    care of mami,luv na luv ka ng mami mo kaya dapat
    lagi mo sya luv,hnd ko pa po alam ano
    mangyayari,pero napakalupit naman ng mundo
    sa kin kung pababayaan na hindi man lang kita
    makita.time will come mag kakasama tyo:D, tel
    mami i love her so much always.pag nunong ka na
    basa at na babasa mo na to lag mo sasabihin sa
    mami mo na dito lang po dadi lagi at mahal na
    mahal ko po kayo.

    luv u bb
  • To My Ken,

    Just for this morning, I am going to smile when I see your face and laugh when I feel like crying.

    Just for this morning, I will let you choose what you want to wear, and smile and say how perfect it is.

    Just for this morning, I am going to step over the laundry and pick you up and take you to the park to play.

    Just for this morning, I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together.

    Just for this afternoon, I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with you in the backyard and blow bubbles.

    Just for this afternoon, I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and whine for the ice cream truck, and I will buy you one if he comes by.

    Just for this afternoon, I won't worry about what you are
    going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned.

    Just for this afternoon, I will let you help me bake cookies, and I won't stand over you trying to fix them.

    Just for this afternoon, I will take us to McDonald's and buy us both a Happy Meal so you can have both toys.

    Just for this evening, I will hold you in my arms and tell you a story about how you were born and how much I love you.

    Just for this evening, I will let you splash in the tub and not get angry.

    Just for this evening, I will let you stay up late while we sit on the porch and count all the stars.

    Just for this evening, I will snuggle beside you for hours, and miss my favorite TV shows.

    Just for this evening when I run my finger through your hair as you pray, I will simply be grateful that God has given me the greatest gift ever given.

    I will think about the mothers and fathers who are searching for their missing children, the mothers and fathers who are visiting their children's graves instead of their bedrooms. The mothers and fathers who are in hospital rooms watching their children suffer senselessly and screaming inside that little body
    And when I kiss you goodnight I will hold you a little tighter, a little longer. It is then, that I will thank God for you, and ask him for nothing, except one more day.............
  • dear amber,

    di ko akalain na ganyan ka, anak.

    pero parang alam ko na na magiging makulit ka. biruin mo, nasa tyan pa lang kita sobrang likot mo na. di ko alam kung san ka ba pupwesto sa sinapupunan ko, tatambling ka ba, o gigilid ka.

    kita mo nga anak, puro kamot na ang tyan ni mami. tumaba si mami ng ganito kase kain ng kain para masiguro ko lang na malusog ka.

    pero kinabahan ako. kala ko 6 ang daliri mo sa tig-isang kamay. kala ko kulang ang mata mo. alam mo na. natatakot si mami kase baka hindi maganda ang finish product ni mami at ni dadi.

    hanggang sa naglabor ako. ang hirap pala. gustong gusto ko nang lumabas ka pero ewan ko ba at bakit naglalaro ka pa rin sa tyan ko. bakit nga ba ang tagal mong lumabas.

    at ng lumabas ka, naasar ako sa nurse. kase sandali lang kitang nakita at nahawakan.

    ang ingay ingay mo kase iyak ka ng iyak. parang nagbabadya na kukulitin mo ako pag laki mo.

    tapos ng mahawakan na kita at mapagmasdan, wow, ang ganda mo pala!!!

    kinabahan ako habang inaalis ko ang kumot na nakabalot sa yo, baka sobra ang daliri mo sa paa at kamay, buti na lang sampu lang.

    alam mo anak, sorry a, kase binigay kita sa mga yaya mo, na walang itinuro sa yo. namulat ka sa pakikipagtsismisan nya sa iba o sa panunuod ng mga telenovela na paborito nya.

    wala kaming magawa ni dadi ng isang beses e sinugatan ka nya. sorry anak a. naiimagine ko kung gaano kalakas ang iyak mo nang nasugatan ka. nang malaman ko yun, gusto ko syang itapon sa katabing eskwelahan.

    pero buti na lang mababait ang mga tita mo. inalagaan ka at inispoil ng mabuti, habang kame ni dadi ay nagoopisina.

    anak, ang mahal ng gatas mo. gusto ko na ngang iwish na sana nde ka na dumede at sayang at halong isang libong nagagastos natin kada kinsenas sa gatas at diaper mo.

    pero siguro talagang ganun. kase di ka naman nagkakasakit. minsan lang.

    at inexpect ko na rin kung bakit matalino ka at madaling turuan. ang galing talaga ng anak ko.

    pero alam mo anak sobrang kulit mo. nawawala ang pagod at init ng ulo ni mami at ni dadi pag ikaw ang dinadatnan namin galing opis. aligaga ka.

    kinabahan na naman ako. baka naman ad/hd ka na. nagresearch ako. di ka pala ad/hd kase wala sa katangian mo ang ganun. napakadaldal mo. di ka naman kinakausap, salita ka ng salita.

    luto ka ng luto ng sinigang na baboy sa lutu-lutuan mo. pakwento ka ng pakwento tungkol sa dalawang langgam na sina butbut at dayday. sawang sawa na kame sa kasasayaw ng "i love you, you love me" ni barney. mataas na ang kuryente natin dahil walang tigil ang electric fan na kahit anung pilit naming patayin e binubuksan mo pa rin.

    hay amber. kahit ganun, masaya pa rin kame ng dadi mo. kase binigay ni papa jesus ang hiniling namen. isang makulit, maganda at matalinong bata.

    sana anak, pag magpe-pray ka kay papa jesus, isama mo naman si tweety bird at si pooh sa prayers mo. wag lang puro food ang nasa isip mo. lagi na lang, "Papa Jesus, enge papa, mamam, food, sinigang na baboy, soup..." at kung anu ano pang pagkain.

    salamat anak ha. kase kahit sobra kang mangulit sa amin ng dadi mo, e di mo pa rin kame tinitigilang kantahan ng bahay kubo. and ng favorite mong High ni Barbie.

    pakiss nga sa bebeng ponget ko. tsup....

    sige anak, pahinga ka muna.

    lab yu bebe
  • to my dearest son....i didnt carry you in my tummy for my nine months...but i carried you in my heart ...i didnt feed you milk from my breast...but i will give you honey...the sweetness of life....
  • ....salamat anak....tinuruan mo akong maging isang ina....minsan naiiyak na lang ako sa tuwa....
  • elzsea
    elzsea fortunate mom
    My letter is quite long, it started kasi when baby is in my womb and the detailed things that happened till she reached one year. i'll just get some part of it.

    My Dearest Aizel,

    I love it when all of a sudden you’d come near me just to give me hugs & kisses, it melts my heart that I sometimes cry & think that we almost lost you three times. I can’t imagine life without you. You are such a blessing to mom & dad.

    As you grow and begin to explore the world, I will still keep on reading parenting magazines and books, talking to mothers, and listening to my heart so that I grow as a mother and so that I can be guided with how I’m going to be a better teacher too.

    When you’re old enough to understand things, I will talk to you a lot, to point out everything in our world and remember how new and exciting life is. I will try my very best to teach you how to be the kind of child and person who people will love to be around. I will have high standards for you, but never too high to attain.

    I promise to be your best friend, to enjoy things with you. Do silly things with you, sing and dance any way you want to. Play things that are supposed to be for kids.

    I will let you make your own mistakes sometimes and I won’t think that it's my job to protect you so much that you never experience life. I'll do my best to give you room to fall and stand up on your own.

    I knew I couldn't protect you all the time from getting hurt as you grew, because that is part of growing up. But I will always be there in the background ready to take away the hurt.

    I love you so much it makes me cry, and even if you’re old enough to do things on your own, I will still check on you while you're sleeping, playing and living life. I promise that there will always be mom & dad who love you and we will be there for you no matter what.

    Though you still have much growing to do, time goes by fast, and you won't always want to sleep with me or be carried. Life is a series of weaning, and you will grow up fast enough in your own time (not mine), so I'll try to enjoy you for who you are and not rush you to grow up. I know you will be a big, strong, independent young woman someday, but you'll always be my sweet little baby girl!

    You are mom & dad’s inspiration, source of strength & happiness. No matter how bad things will turn out in our lives, I knew we would get through it, because of you.

    God has been so good that He gave you to us. A daughter that is so charming and lovable. The kind of girl that we would always dreamed of. I will always be thankful to Him, for a gift that is more than what we deserve. That is you, my Aizel.

    I pray that you will grow up healthy & not having to experience any serious illness and most of all, I pray that you grow up to be a God-fearing person.

    Always remember that we love you more than ourselves and we will do everything to be the best parents you would want us to be.


  • avonlea
    avonlea Moderator
    ei happy mother's day sa inyong lahat!
  • moonster
    moonster My LiL bEaR
    waahh grabeh naman .. naiyak naman ako sa mga letters nyo.. :( kakatouch sobra..
  • i'm all yours
    i'm all yours, are you mine too?

    Today, i cried over hurtful words from someone i call my friend. How i wish you are beside me now... i am sure a little touch from you can soothe my aching heart and wipe my tears away... i know i will be able to bear it with you.

    Today, i met a new friend. How i wish you were with me so that i can show her the one person i am sure i will love all my life.

    Today, i had dinner with a couple of friends. I was thinking what you ate for dinner.

    Today, i remembered your head badly hit when you fell yesterday. My heart ached just imagining how you fell.

    Today, how i wish i could just leave my work and be with you the whole day. I missed you today and i can't help but cry.

    Today, i was longing to hear you say ", Mommy!" i long for your embrace and sweet little kiss.

    Anak, mahal na mahal kita. Nag-uumapaw sa pagmamahal ang puso ko sa sandaling maisip kita. Tulad ngayon... di ko mapigilan ang umiyak sa magkahalong tuwa at pananabik ko sa yo.

    Bukas, ikatlong beses na tayong magkakasama sa Araw ng mga Ina. Gagawin kong espesyal ang araw natin, hindi dahil ako'y isang ina, kundi dahil ika'y aking anak.

    I love you, anak.

    ~May 13, 2006
  • avonlea
    avonlea Moderator
    your lola woke me up today just to ask how things are going and when we¡¯ll have you¡¦ it was just the 13th in the US but already the 14th here so i greeted her a happy mother¡¯s day¡¦ i told her to wait for the gift we bought from amazon¡¦ not a very expensive gift but i know she¡¯ll like it¡¦ with her, it¡¯s not about the gift but the thought that comes with it¡¦

    anyway, this is my first mother¡¯s day and although you¡¯re still inside me and somehow i know what being a mom is¡¦ when i first learned that i was pregnant with you, i knew right then that my life will never be the same¡¦ i knew from that moment that life is not just about me and your daddy¡¦ and that my body is not just my body anymore¡¦ but i never thought i¡¯d recognize those things¡¦

    to be honest, your daddy and i didn¡¯t plan to have a child¡¦ but i guess God has other plans for us and we willingly and happily accepted that plan¡¦ now we couldn¡¯t wait to see, hold and take care of you¡¦

    before you came into our lives, we were planning to save money to go on trips abroad¡¦ but now we thought that we¡¯d rather save money for your college tuition¡¦ i know that¡¯s about 20 years from now but it¡¯s never too early to be prepared¡¦

    when your tito weng sent me some money, i thought i¡¯d use that to buy some gadget but i lost interest and decided i¡¯d rather use it for your gadget¡¦

    when we had to pay about $150 every visit to the hospital, we never hesitated to open our wallets and pay those bills everytime¡¦ and i guess, even if we had to pay with our whole salary, we would gladly do so just to be sure you¡¯re okay¡¦

    being a mom i guess is all about sacrifice¡¦ you don¡¯t think about yourself anymore¡¦ i can¡¯t even think of buying a new pair of shoes or new clothes because it¡¯s not that important now¡¦ what¡¯s important for us now is you¡¦

    a mom¡¯s sacrifice doesn¡¯t start when the baby is born, it starts from conception¡¦ knowing that another life is inside her¡¦ i feel so lucky that i¡¯m a woman and that i get to experience being pregnant, feeling that another life is inside¡¦ whenever i tell your dad that you¡¯re moving inside me, i see an envious look from him¡¦ and i know that when you come out, i¡¯ll spend 24 hours a day with you, but your dad won¡¯t¡¦ and i know that as much as he would like to spend that much time with you, he just couldn¡¯t¡¦ he has to take care of you in another way¡¦ i guess that¡¯s how dads sacrifice for their kids¡¦

    today is D-30¡¦ as you¡¯re due to come out, the more excited and nervous we are¡¦ we¡¯re not perfectionists but we¡¯d like to do things perfectly for you¡¦ we don¡¯t want to make any mistake¡¦ we don¡¯t want you to tell us someday that we did something wrong¡¦ and we hope you¡¯d realize that everything we do, we do it for you¡¦ if you don¡¯t understand us in one way or another, i guess you¡¯d eventually understand when you become a parent yourself¡¦ and i¡¯m talking from experience¡¦ i didn¡¯t understand my parents before but now i do¡¦ and your dad will tell you the same thing¡¦
  • jovhelle
    jovhelle blessed mom & wife
    dear little chobs,

    ilang days na lng at makikita na kita. sobrang excited na nmin ni daddy mo. cyempre 1st baby ka nmin. actually hindi nmn tlga nmin balak pa mgkababy ng daddy mo kc ngaaral pa kmi pareho pero cguro nga may purpose c Lord kung bkit ka nia pinagkatiwala samin.

    at first di ako naniwala sa lola mo na buntis ako kc lagi akong inaantok, sakit ng likod ko at nahihilo. akala ko may trangkaso lng ako at over fatigue un pala ang signs na buntis. halos 2weeks na kong absent s skul dahil dun. until Oct 05 2005 right after my bday (oct.04) ginising ako ni mama ng may hawak na pregnancy test at nagulat ako as in tulala at lumilipad ang isip ko sa kawalan. nagalit ang lola mo, pano na daw ang skul?! pananagutan ba daw ako ng daddy mo?! basta madaming tanong skin pero di ko masagot puro iyak ang ginawa ko. tinext ko na ang daddy mo to call me. nung sinabi ko sa knya na positive at buntis ako NO REACTION. sabi nia lng dont worry.

    kaya ito asa tummy kita at super likot na baby boi. . . ang daming ngaabang sau d2 sa labas. . . kaya baby boi labas ka na. . . sobrang daming plano ni daddy for you, bibili daw kau ng pocket bike at cars... excited na tlga kmi. . dami mo na ngang fans eh. . paglabas mo gusto ko ako lng mgaalaga sau habang may work ang daddy. lahat ng good values ituturo nmin sau. kc love ka nmin.

    love you baby boi. . .
  • Sweetkay
    Sweetkay looking for my next mistake
    I never wanted you in my life. I didn't want you coz I thought that I was going to be a bad mother. I was too selfish and self centered and unable to take care of myself. I thought, how can I take care of you if I can't even take care of myself?

    Then you came ...

    I was half happy and half apprehensive. I hated being pregnant at times coz there were too many adjustments and pains. But whenever you would move or I would hear your heart beating, I was overcome with such raw love that I knew I would kill anyone who would dare to hurt you.

    You were mine.

    And then I gave birth to you and it was the most painful thing I had to go through physically ... but you were worth it ... a single smile from you could erase all the pain away. And I realized ...

    You're not mine.

    God has just allowed me to borrow you ... and I cry ... but I know that in the time that he will lend us to you and before someone else claims you as hers ... I will make the most of the time I can spend with you ...

    So while you're still small and malleable, I will kiss you and hug you as much as I want ... coz I know that one day, you will grow up and tell me to not kiss you coz you're a big boy now. And that will break my heart ... but I will respect your wishes ... and just kiss you at night when you're fast asleep.

    I love you Brent. You are my heart, walking outside my body.
  • avonlea
    avonlea Moderator
    this is a country song that i like so much... i'd put it in my blog for my son... i hope he reads it someday...

    here's the youtube video...

    Lee Ann Womack

    I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
    You get your fill to eat
    But always keep that hunger
    May you never take one single breath for granted
    God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
    I hope you still feel small
    When you stand beside the ocean
    Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
    Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance

    And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
    I hope you dance
    I hope you dance

    I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
    Never settle for the path of least resistance
    Living might mean taking chances
    But they’re worth taking
    Lovin’ might be a mistake
    But it’s worth making
    Don’t let some hell bent heart
    Leave you bitter
    When you come close to selling out
    Give the heavens above
    More than just a passing glance

    And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
    I hope you dance
    (Time is a real and constant motion always)
    I hope you dance
    (Rolling us along)
    I hope you dance
    (Tell me who)
    I hope you dance
    (Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
    (Where those years have gone)

    I hope you still feel small
    When you stand beside the ocean
    Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
    Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance

    And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
    I hope you dance
    I hope you dance
    (Time is a real and constant motion always)
    I hope you dance
    (Rolling us along)
    I hope you dance
    (Tell me who)
    (Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
    I hope you dance
    (Where those years have gone)

    (Tell me who)
    I hope you dance
    (Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
    (Where those years have gone)
  • The letters above are so full of love, words are so sincere, emotions too strong. I've read all the letters but I wonder why i still can't write a letter for my son. Soon I will go back to this thread and post mine too.
  • Dear Annika,

    Because I was so busy playing with the new sitting Boch, I wasn't able to write you a letter when you turned six months old (although I did keep track of your milestones here); but I promise to write you a letter every three months, from now on.

    You're exactly nine months old today, crawling like a real pro, and basking in the attention of your grandmother and grand-aunt. I have been a mother for nine months, and let me tell you right away that it hasn't been easy. Before you were born, I had zero experience taking care of babies and worried that I would drop you or do something equally stupid. I spent most of the last two months of my pregnancy reading books and watching videos about how to bathe a baby, how to change a diaper, etc; I also did a lot of research on breastfeeding because I was determined to give you the best nutrition possible. Now that I've been doing this mommy thing for nine months, I've learned that there will always be things mothers need the help of experts on - like how to treat a troublesome rash or when to start giving solid food - but everything that involved touching and care, such as how to burp baby or how to slip a shirt over baby's head while keeping the neck supported, will come naturally.

    Having said that, I must confess that I have done some careless things while you were under my watch. Once when you were seven months old and not crawling yet, I put you down on the bed for tummy time, placed several of your favorite toys within your reach, and switched on my computer to see if anyone had posted new comments on your online photo album. A minute later, I noticed that you had somehow wriggled to the edge of the bed and I rose from my seat to pick you up when you suddenly lunged sideward several inches and fell off the bed! Time froze and the whole block heard my cry of "Nooooooooooo" as I leapt towards you but it was too late; you fell to the floor on your shoulder (thankfully not head first!) and started wailing your little heart out. The guilt ate away at me for weeks afterwards.

    Another event that shows the depths of Mommy's stupidity happened just this afternoon. I heated up some frozen taco pie for your dad and myself, and while we were eating it I let you taste the crust, then the beef and cheese from the center. You seemed to like it, so I picked up another bit of beef with my fingers, blew on it to make sure it wasn't hot, and put it in your mouth. You chewed for a while, then your body stiffened, your face turned the color of a ripe tomato, and you started screaming. A tiny piece of pepper must have slipped through Mommy's inspection! I hugged you and bounced you around a little, and Daddy gave you a drink of water, but you were still whimpering and the sight of the big fat tears running down your cheeks made Mommy curse all the peppers in the world.

    But just a few hours later, we were sitting out on the balcony waiting for cars to pass by (which always gets you excited) when I noticed a flock of honking geese in the sky. I pointed them out to you, and your face broke out into the most beautiful smile. You leaned your head against my chest and your entire body relaxed into mine in complete trust, and as you watched the geese fly past the smile never left your face. It's moments like these when I think my heart will burst with happiness and love.

    You deserve only the best, baby; the best food, the best education, and the best mother. Bear with me because I'm still learning, everyday, how to be the kind of mother you deserve. It's the most important and most difficult job I've ever had. But you, with your warm hugs and wet kisses and little shrieks of joy make it all worth it.

    Oct. 1, 2006
  • Sweetkay
    Sweetkay looking for my next mistake
    dear brent,

    today is just another ordinary day. i'm at work and you are at home, most probably sleeping because it's your naptime. how i wish i could be there to rock you to sleep. i love doing that except when you don't go to sleep immediately. then i put you down and we just play.

    i'm not the best mom. at times i leave you with your yaya vangie and just watch my tv shows. understand that i need to do this at times so that i can be recharged and more ready to play with you and take care of you.

    i love you so much baby. so much that at times, i still find myself crying when i look at you. so much that i still bargain with god to lend you to me for the next 75 years. i just don't know how i can live without you with me.

    so know that eventhough i may not be the best mother, i will do my best to give you what you need and to give you all the love that i can.

    i love you anak.


    In a Nutshell
  • Little Eyes Upon You (for all Nanays)

    There are little eyes upon you
    and they're watching night and day.
    There are little ears that quickly
    take in every word you say.
    There are little hands all eager
    to do anything you do;
    And a little boy/girl who's dreaming
    that one day he'll/she'll be like you.
    You're the little fellow's idol;
    you're the wisest of the wise;
    In his/her little mind about you
    no suspicions ever rise
    He/She believes in you devoutly,
    holds all you say and do;
    He/She will say and do, in your way
    When he's/she's grown up just like you
    There's a wide-eyed little fellow
    who believes you're always right;
    And his/her eyes are always open
    and he/she watches day and night.
    You are setting an example
    everyday in all you do;
    For the little boy/girl who's waiting
    To grow up to be like you
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