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    :cheers: to us part 10 na

    :cheers: to resty sa ts mo :glee:

    :cheers: :cheers:


    keep asking Him for guidance on the decisions you make Jericho and Love Marie and stay unaffected sa lahat ng gustong sumira sa maganda nyong samahan :)
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    wohhoooo mamaR ts ka :naughty::naughty:

    congrats to us :cheers:

    gotta go!! :drive:
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    YAY! Congrats baliws on a new HAPPINESS thread! :cheers:

    TS ka, Resty! :cheers:

    Love the banner, Elm! Astig! :rocker:


    Surfers in Love! :love: I love it! :lovesigh:
  • beautiful banner!!!

    love echo & heart so much!!!!

    i hope kayo na talaga!!!

    i pray for the two of you always!!!
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    Hello, emey! :wave:
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    Repost from the last thread.
    KoalaBoo wrote:

    May 23, 2004 - Fanatic

    On stage - Jodi, Hero, Sandara, Echo, Joross, Roxanne and Melissa Ricks.

    Echo (during interview time): "Kamusta ang lovelife ko? Sweetheart, alam mo, wala akong lovelife ngayon." Then he walks over to Melissa Ricks as a joke.

    Heart (who's sitting with the audience): "Kuya Echo, bata pa yan!"

    Echo: "Wag muna kuya-kuya."


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    micfercab wrote:
    Ktxt ni Heart at Echo:

    Heart: hey! how was ur weekend?
    5-8-2006 2:20pm

    Jericho: Nood ka ng Panday mamaya ha. :)
    5-8-2006 2:22pm

    Jericho: Ice cream?
    5-8-2006 4:37pm

    Heart: hey! Enjoying ur day so far?
    5-8-2006 4:38pm


    mamaya yung ktxt ko naman i popost ko..... :rotfl:

    Thanks for the ktext, laff trip! :D Diba the last time they had ice cream there was a pic? Hehehe!
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    :lovesigh: [highlight]JERICHO ROSALES and HEART EVANGELISTA[/highlight] :lovesigh:
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    Jericho Vibar Rosales :heart: Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco
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    Knight in Shining Armor

    "How can he be a negative influence on me?" Heart inquires. "He was a Christian even before I became one," she points out.

    By this time, it is of course easy to pinpoint the person being blamed for Heart's alleged fall from grace. There's a myriad of reaction when Heart and Panday lead star Jericho started dating. Jericho Rosales - the same guy who captivated Kristine Hermosa and MTV jock Cindy Kurleto was touted by many as someone who has a debilitating effect that Heart labels as something unfair and totally uncalled for.

    "Echo only seems to have a negative effect on me because has had issues with his past girlfriends while I never really had a public boyfriend before," she reacts.

    But how nice it is to think that after a lot of wars, he has finally went to the castle to get his princess.

    For a guy who literally crawled his way out of being just a showbiz hopeful, Jericho's ascend as one of the country's young bankable talents was nothing short but inspiring. His adventurous nature can only be traced to his roots, a characteristic that can break a sheltered royalty out of the shell. "My knight in shining armor has seen the world," Heart shares "... and is now showing it to me."

    Obviously smitten by Echo's "malambing nature," she relates how Jericho's saved her life a couple of times. "It's a good thing that I'm a jolly person but my asthma is really nad. Matigas ang ulo ko when it comes sa mga gamot so Echo helps me when it comes to that. He reminds me always."

    Pictures don't lie, as proven by … of framed pictures inside Heart's abode. The chemistry between the two is undeniable, capturing the controversial couple in their various out of town sorties.

    [highlight]"Echo and I are very happy. We really get along like sa sports, activities and pareho kaming romantic," she smiles.[/highlight]

    "I never wanted a not so serious relationship. I'm not that type of girl. We're serious with what we are doing and we want to keep each other, that's why we're doing things right."

    Asked what Jericho means to her at this moment, Heart sweetly answers in the affirmative, a stab on the realization that her romance has turned into a you and me against the world magnitude. [highlight]"He's really my Panday,"[/highlight] she justifies without blinking.

  • :wave: congrats sa dreamteam bagong house na:cheers: :cheers: happiness
  • :wave: booey hehehe sino kasama mo dito
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  • congrats to all of us :cheers: naks si Resty ang TS *okay*

    we love Heart & Echo!!!

    hi Booey & Nena :wave:

    grabe ang ganda ng banner mo Elm :handsdown:
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    Ate Nena! :wave: Wala akong kasama dito. :lol:

    Ate Carol! :wave: Hehe! I posted your banner. :D
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