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Ok ba graduate studies ng mapua?

Karaniwan bang kumukuha ng masteral eh taga mapua din?


  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    I'm about to make a thread for the School of Graduate Studies but since you have started a similar thread for it, lets have it here. :)

    In my case, only three of us is taking up MS in COnstruction Engineering.
    Me, a BS-MS student naturally from MIT, my classmate is also a Mapuan and graduated from the Institute two years ago and the other one's from a University in Mindanao. (forgot to ask what school she studied).

    Last term, on my Research Techniques, I have classmates from different schools like, MIT, UST, St. Louis University, Feati U and other reputable schools in engineering.

    For the past 2 terms (this is my 3rd term under the GS), I would say that their standards (of course) is very high compared to my undergraduate demands.

    Do you know guys that Engineering Graduate Studies of Mapua is relatively bigger than that of La Salle, UST, Adamson and TUP.

    As of the latest count, there is a total of 201 students under the School of Graduate Studies - all of which are taking up majors in different engineering fields.

    Are there any graduate students here?

    Questions? Feel free to ask. :)

    confusedmapuan: any plans of taking up master's degree in mapua (in the future)?
  • karonakarona Scourge's False God PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ako po ako po ako po. . .

    kase gusto ko sana mag masters jan sa mapua kaso i heard na quarterm den ang system?

    ok lang ba? i mean. . .nakaka catch po ba ung student sa pace ng discussion?
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    Well, since sanay ka na sa QuarTerm, you can easily adapt to it though mataas talaga ang standards and requirements (considering na 2.00 ang lowest/passing mark). Hehe...

    If 201 students can do it and considering most of them did not experience quarterm before during their undergraduate years, you can too! *okay*

    What MS program do you want to take up?

    Taking up MS is very advantageous especially if you are planning to take up advanced and higher studies abroad. For example, in Japan, they don't let foreign students take up Master's (in any field) in their country unless they already have attained a master's degree. Quite demanding and high standard, isn't it?
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    Suggestion to the threadstarter:

    If you can still edit your first post, it'll be better if you will change the thread title to "Mapua School of Graduate Studies"
  • confusedmapuanconfusedmapuan Member PExer
    ^hindi nayata mapapalitan yun thread title
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    I see.

    Anyway, for CHE-CHM students/people, Mapua's Graduate Studies is the best for you.

    The only PhD program we have (I think its 2) focuses in the Chemical Engineering field.
  • karonakarona Scourge's False God PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    electrcial po. . .maganda po kaya masters ng electrical jan sa mapua?
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    ^ Can't comment on that, may kilala akong MS in EE from UST.

    Why don't you ask your professors sa EE if the MS program of MIT is okay.
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    ^ Can't comment on that, may kilala akong MS in EE from UST.

    Why don't you ask your professors sa EE if the MS program of MIT is okay.
  • karonakarona Scourge's False God PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ganon ba cge ll try to ask them pag napadaan ako ulit sa school
  • ClarkentClarkent Member PExer
    im taking my MSIT at DLSU. But I graduated sa MIT, BS-ECE

    I am thinnking of another MS degree, MBA (Business Administration) or Engineering Management. I'm eyeing PLM (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila), maganda din yung program nila.

    I recommend na you take Master's degree na somehow iba naman. In my case of shifting to MBA, Iniiwasan ko kasing ma-pako sa technical field in taking MSIT, chances of getting managerial positions will be difficult, since kailangang kailangan yung expertise mo sa technical side rather than managerial. ANyways, it still depends kung ano ang preferred mong trabaho, but in my case, medyo "na-ooverdose" na ko ng technical infos and knowldge.
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    ^ Yep. Kaya ang program ko is not too technical coz its more on Construction Managment.

    MBA? I think AIM is the best option for such program.
  • garfield22garfield22 Stockholder PExer
    may management course ba sa grad studies?
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    Yes there is. MS in Engineering Management.

    Oh, the School of EE-ECE-COE together with the School of Graduate Studies have recently launched their first BS-MS program.

    BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
    MS Material Science and Engineering


    BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
    MS Electronics and Communications Engineering Major in Microelectronics
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    School of Graduate Studies

    Academic Program Offerings:

  • makulitzmakulitz Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^hindi nayata mapapalitan yun thread title

    just click edit on your first post on this thread.. pwede palitan...
  • makulitzmakulitz Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    if ever i'll get an MS, maybe up or la salle..

    para maiba lang.. i just want to compare.;)
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    ^ It depends on the program. Not all program offerings are being offered there. Like in my case.

    I think when the thread is old, you cannot edit it anymore, especially if there are already several replies posted.
  • demy_boydemy_boy Member PExer
    mapua parin :D

    sure na tlga mapua na ako mag MS :D
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    Yehey! 5 na kami sa MSCN! :D

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