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Help, my 7-week old doesn't eat much

More than a week ago, my 7-week old son suddenly lost his appetite. From 36 ounces of infant formula in 24 hours, his consumption went down to 21 ounces. We switched to Tiki Tiki Plus from Poly Visol, but no avail. We also tried NAN HA1, from S26 Gold. Can you recommend any appetite stimulant or do you know of any infant formula that babies would really love to gulp? I'm afraid that he's going to get thinner and that he will not get the nourishment he needs.


  • DaNa8
    DaNa8 certified mommy
    Why don't you consult with your pedia first? My baby used Cherifer forte syrup and now, Mosegor Vita but I'm not sure if they have formulations for babies less than 1 yr old. He also uses Nutren Jr. for his milk which has a high-calorie formulation.
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