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The Next Singles’ Gimmick 3

The Next Singles’ Gimmick 3

Hi guys! Here’s our 3rd thread for us!

Everyone is welcome to post… Oldies and newbies as well… You name it!

For the newbies:
You are all welcome! Just promise that you’ll show up and stay… that’s good enough for us…

Purpose of the thread:
Are you single and wanna have PURE CLEAN FUN…? Here’s a thread for you…
If you’re looking for love… this might be the place but we’re all friends here already… Wala ng talo talo to SOME of us… If you’re looking for “Me so honi… Me will love you long time” this is not the place… We are all wholesome here (as far as I know) :glee:

Anyways my point is that the NEWBIES are welcome…

Oldies! You can do whatever crap you always do in the past NSG threads… ciao!

:cheers: kampay to our 3rd thread!


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