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Enfra USA

what can you say about this call center?

i heard they give out high starting pay for an agent...


  • baileys^
    baileys^ Nessun Dorma
    haven't heard of this yet.....

    >where is it located?
    >what account/campaign do they offer?
  • they are in ortigas the same building with e pacific ...
  • jmts2
    jmts2 Member
    any info about this company? i heard this news that this is a fly by nignt company...
  • my ex works there.. its in orient square in ortigas.. outbound sales (voip & isp).. :D
    nuff said..
  • yeee
    yeee Member
    not a fly by night center sorry...

    what a lame news..
  • updates pls!!!
  • jmts2
    jmts2 Member
    m having second thought transferring here coz of the bond(40k). ok lang ung 18k basic nila minus 800 every pay day para sa bond kaya lang 2 years, i cant assure myself to stay there for 2 years kaya hirap magdecide...pero my friends were there ok ung acct nila, its like selling hotcakes...career growth? ok dn d2, i know someone who work there who became a tl in just 2 months.. mas ok d2 kesa nman mg stay s Winsource!!!
  • uy, ok yang bond nila, i like enfra usa's bond, (for peeps who want to stay there for 2 yirs). about 500-800 ata mababawas sa basic mo every month tpos pag 1 year ka na you'll get half of the 40k bond, so that's 20k tax free. hehe. same thing for the 2nd year. :D
  • pinex
    pinex Banned by Admin

    I would like to invite you to join our prestigious list of candidates who have joined various companies from different industries here and abroad.

    We are currently looking for interested candidates to join a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company located in Makati and Pampanga.

    I will personally be working with you on how you will be able to get the job. Apart from this, we also offer other jobs which may interest you.

    If you are interested, feel free to reply to this message, or you can also email me at: [email protected] or text me at 09275154054.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Hi,
    My friend seen it at Jobstreet a month ago. She said that they're hiring oprations- research specialist. What was thry usually do? if you have any ideas how the work of that? thanks..

  • any updates on this call center?
    replies will be appreciated.
  • i guess unti pa lang ang employees ng enfra na adik sa PEX kaya walang nag popost... nag hahanap din sila ng team mgr eh
  • duke Pikaso
    duke Pikaso Banned by Admin
    akalian mong BUHAY pa tong call center na toh!! wahehehe.. joke joke joke!!

    dito lang naman ako galing and NO COMMENT!!

    maganda ang working environment namin dati.. sobrang bonding.. and sobrang saya.. di maxado strict..

    basta, try nyo.. MASAYA!!!! :):):)
  • duke Pikaso
    duke Pikaso Banned by Admin
    hi kina dudung at kay enday !!
    kay ati anabil at kay rofa!!

  • qoute: maganda ang working environment namin "dati"...

    bkit dati... wahehehe
  • hi!!!

    just want to know more about the compny...can anyone tell me kce my fren about to wrk tonight and i might join her so i jst wanna be sure..
    I appreciate any information u cn give,..

    GoD Bless!!! :)
  • duke Pikaso
    duke Pikaso Banned by Admin
    ha!! start na xa training??!! good luck!!! wahehehee.. joke!!!

    enjoy ur stay!!
  • puro sales ba to? inbound/outbound?

    kasi they called me the other day for an interview eh.... i'm more into tech sufot...
  • duke Pikaso
    duke Pikaso Banned by Admin
    the last account they had was voip.. pero sales pa un.. which inoutsource din nila sa ibang center para maging tech support ang enfra.. ewan ko kung may ngyari sa gnawa nila,,

    but eniwei, enfraUSA ung pinaka una na nagdial nung voip na un! (at kami ung very 1st few agents dialling for that acct in phil..) which is now one of the best voip in US~~ asteeg!

    in fairness, nice naman kasi tlga ung voip na company na un.. talagan taob ung "number1" kuno na voip sa states..

    go enfra!
  • ohh... interesting naman... i saw the ad that they are giving out blackberry phones, is this for real hehe or will there be fine prints?
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