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Harte Hanks

I saw the ads in inquirer about their enabled pldt facility in Market Market. Any info about this company? tech support or purely outbound lang? thanks


  • Hey, yes. I saw their office in Market Market last weekend. I was wondering nga what that new establishment was. Call center pala yun. Sayang, I just live nearby. Kaso, I am already working in Makati and I like where I am right now....:bashful:
  • PockyPocky PExer
    I'm not sure... pero diba yung mga employees nila ay hired through Ambergris Solutions? Sinong may sure info?
  • harte-hanks is a call center here in manila. check their site at harte-hanks.com

    hiring process is still under the ambergris
  • onga daw..ung mga nsa market2 agents ng ambergris mapupunta na d2 sa harte hanks...by next yr daw hiwalay na cla sa amber..
  • What happened to this thread?
  • part lang sila ng telus kaya sa telus thread na nagpopost yung iba
  • Sa TELUS din yun dati hindi ko lang alam ngayon kung humiwalay na sila sa TELUS.... yung XBOX ng TELUS nandun dati sa HARTE HANKS
  • never_1007never_1007 PEx Rookie ⭐
    harte-hanks bulok ba??? it is a separate company na ang nagproprovide ng manpower is telus.. so once na magapply ka sa telus, at maendorse sa harte-hanks... nakow,, gudluck!!!!
  • Telus is the headhunter agency of Harte-Hanks. Harte-Hanks is outsourced to another outsourcing company-TELUS.
  • hiwalay na pala ang harte hanks dati kasi rumor palang yung hiwalayaan
  • hiwalay na ang TELUS at HARTE-HANKS? ibig sabihin pwede ng mag apply ng directly sa HARTE-HANKS?
  • never_1007never_1007 PEx Rookie ⭐
    hindi ah... malabo humiwalay ang harte-hanks sa telus... taga harte-hanks ka ba dati?
  • Harte-Hankes is Telus' client back then 2008 to 2009. I just dont know now.
  • never_1007never_1007 PEx Rookie ⭐
    2010 - present - future... hehehe...
  • It's still under Telus..
  • kpogikpogi PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    do they have dayshift openings?

    passed by market market earlier and saw that their hiring.
  • Harte-hanks used to be an account of Telus. But harte-hanks already decided to have their own call center. Harte-hanks contract with telus is until december nalang. And harte-hanks has already started to hire their "own" employees. As for the current telus employees that are working in harte-hanks, pinapapirma na sila ng contract and its up to them if they want to transfer to harte-hanks or stick with telus. Harte-hanks used to be a fun account coz of teh people who works there. as for the management, no comment.
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    san lilipat harte hanks!?
  • Ok naman dito sa Harte Hanks. Almost 3 weeks na ko sa training under the Digital Media Reader account and as far as I can tell our trainers are competitive enough to do their job while being friendly with the trainees. In short marunong makisama. And the tenured agents on the floor are(sa account namin) nice as well. Nag-barge in na kasi kami sa calls several times this week and so far very helpful naman sila. They explain to us how they resolve the caller's problem. So basically masaya kami sa account namin as of now, regarding the management or big boss we'll see...
  • @ShalVRes

    hi! how much ang offer and graveyard shift ba? TY!
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