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"FOLDING bike"

just wana ask you guys,
do you have any info regarding folding bikes?
what brand is good? coz im planning to buy one,
i just saw it at sm mall, and find it really cool....
for those who know anything about folding bike,
hope you guys can help me out... :confused:


  • mxpxmxpx Member PExer
    This is so cool! My gf showed me pics. i'm planning to get one soon so we can bring it every time we travel offshore.
  • AteoAteo Non est Deus. Fac cum eo. ✭✭✭
    I own a Dahon bike. Best thing I ever own, so cool, convenient and handy. Rides like a full-sized sports bike too.
  • JackNDBeanstalkJackNDBeanstalk Fee-fi-fo-fum! ✭✭
    my friend has one too. it fits her car's compartment. ive tried riding it once at our bldg's car park it was good it runs smoothly. i just felt like the wheel is too small and if you're a big man you will feel awkward riding it
  • rage_withinrage_within no angel PExer
    iniwan sa akin ng kumpare ko yung MTB nya nung lumipat sya ng place. pagbalik ko minsan, nawawala na sa parking. ninakaw malamang. marami na kasing foreigners sa paligid ng apartment. kaya napabili tuloy ako, pero yung naipapasok ko na sa loob ng bahay para di na ma-nenok muli.

    here's mine...


    nabili ko online dito...

    i think they ship overseas din.
  • project1786project1786 Member PExer
    Hi guys this blog sells folding bikes.

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