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chinese gender/calendar true? or not?

I have two boys............. In a years from now I like to have a baby girl... Is chinese gender or chinese calendar true?


  • MaiKa
    MaiKa single mom
    yung prediction sa akin ng chinese pregnancy calendar hindi nagkatotoo. it said i was going to have a girl pero boy pala :)
  • sa akin din di nagkatotoo =(
  • I think mine said girl at girl nga ang anak namin. But 50% is a very high probability so it is probably just a coincidence :D
  • akin totoo... i have a girl :)
  • proved true for both my kids. boy yung una, girl ang second. i think yung discrepancy minsan, if you really want to check it another time, is the age of the mother upon conception of the baby. based dapat yun sa chinese calendar. i really don't know how to compute that pero parang diba iba ang new year nila, lunar something something, etc. try asking a chinese friend. maybe nagkataon lang sa akin na i'm after the lunar cycle kaya sakto ang graph for me. :)
  • JdelaCruz
    JdelaCruz Place Avatar Here
    Meron ba nyan online?
  • dalee
    dalee Member
    sa akin di nagkatotoo, sabi boy pero girl =)
  • DaNa8
    DaNa8 certified mommy
    I tried it and it was correct for me. Also tried putting in my ate's age and month of conception for my nieces and it's also correct.
  • cmars2
    cmars2 Wounded but Standing
    Ngek. Sa akin sabi girl pero boy lumabas. :bungi:
  • princess_bubup
    princess_bubup -My Everything-
    hehehe... :)

    ndi me tumingin sa chinese calendar eh, late ko na nalaman na meron palang ganun. pero nung tinignan ko un after ko managanak, correct naman, girl ang bebe ko. :)

    Ndi rin me naniniwala kaso kasi nung tinignan ko ung mga baby ng mga pinsan ko and also kaming magpi2san, tama din, saktong sakto din dun sa prediction... :hmm:
  • psychosonicindy
    psychosonicindy Banned by Admin
    how about chinese zodiac?i'm really curious about daughter's a fire ox born in the winter months and i'm a fire ox born in the summer months...sabi nila ox who are born in the winter months are luckier coz they're taken care of like oxen who are put in the barn in the winter and are just fed and fed till they grow fat but ox who are born in the summer months have to work very hard in exchange for little...what are ur kids' zodiac signs?
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