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U Mix Bottles

anybody here knows where i can buy u mix bottles? ive seen it before at sm dept stores but when i went today, wla na daw sila nun. help please! tnx...


  • try to buy at alabang town center.... I have 6 pcs of those and it help alot lalo na sa night....
  • kcaj
    kcaj Member
    tnx jamieG...kaya lang im living here at qc mejo malayo sha dto sa amin..
  • kcaj
    kcaj Member
    just passing by....
  • pusicat
    pusicat "hawnyndrunk"
  • i think umix bottles are available at rustan's. meron din umix adaptors, they work with the slim, regular bottles, parang extension lang sya, saw them before at sm baby section. hope this helps. :)

    umix bottles are very convenient when travelling. esp if you just need one serving of milk (kesa dalhin pa yung lalagyan ng powder milk at feeding bottle). it's hard to clean though, dami kasing parts.
  • kcaj
    kcaj Member
    thanks plalais! :)
    you're right those bottles are very convenient tlga..kya nga tlgang naghahanap ako nun.
    wla na kse sha sa sm baby section, went there several times na.
    is it rustans makati? or shangrila?
  • no problem, my pleasure to help.

    bought some at rustans in alabang. but i think makati will have them. :)
  • i have two u mix bottles...they were never been used..100% breastfed kase ang baby ko.

    bought then at SM Megamall
  • :) tnx mommies... ill go check it out at rustans and sm megamall. i hope meron pa sa megamall kse its nearer my place..sa sm north kse pinull out daw.:(
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